How to write an Effective Microeconomics Essay?

Economics students need to write microeconomics essays from time to time. But the concern is many students do not know how to write such an essay with perfection. They fail to understand the essay’s requirements and how to format the content of the essay.

If you are one of those students who want to know how to write a microeconomics essay, you don’t need to be worried when we are here to help you.

In this blog, we will discuss what microeconomics is and how to write a microeconomics essay. After reading this blog, students will not get afraid when writing an essay on economics.

What do you understand about Microeconomics?

Microeconomics is a branch of economics that deals with the individual units such as a single organization, household, and government organization etc. It studies the economic activities on a trim level, like the cost of products in an organization, profit and loss calculations of a single unit.

Choose the Topic

Deciding on a topic is the most challenging task for the students. You need to decide on a topic that is relevant and has good content to write on. Neither chooses a comprehensive nor a short topic for your essay. One more thing you need to remember is your interest. Consider your area of interest when you are looking for an essay topic.

Understand your Topic

Your next topic is to understand your topic. Do not be left with any confusion regarding your topic. Think about the topic deeply, if the topic is lengthy, break it into parts and then understand it properly. 


Understand what is the purpose of your essay and what content you need to find out. Make keywords and understand what is the meaning of them.

Research Your Topic

Now, you need to research your topic and collect the content for your writing. You can use offline(books, textbooks, magazines) and online(websites, blogs, tutorials) sources for your research. Note down the important points and include them in your writing. In addition you can consult with the experts or your professors for authentic and reliable sources. You can seek the help of your friends and family members.


An outline is important to structure your essay. By making an outline, you would get to know how and where to organize your facts, valuable information, and data. You have to decide what you need to include in your introduction, body, and conclusion part in your outline. 

Decide the size of each part(Introduction, body, conclusion) and determine how many words you are going to include. The outline for most essays including microeconomics essay consists of five paragraphs.

 If your essay is more than 2000 words you can increase the number of body paragraphs. You can make 5 body paragraphs instead of 3.

Introduction- 1 Paragraph (5 to 7 sentences)

Main Body- 3 Paragraphs (6 to 7 sentences in each paragraph)

Conclusion- 1 Paragraph( 3 to 4 sentences)

Start Writing

When you decide all the things now, don’t waste your precious time and start writing your essay. Write your introduction first and then the Main body followed by the Conclusion part. Try to make each paragraph of equal size.


Introduction is the first part of your microeconomics essay. You can start your introduction with a hook or with the definition of any term which you think needs to be defined. Also make a thesis statement in your essay that will tell the reader what you are going to write in the further text.

Your introduction should be catchy and attention grabbing. Use simple words rather than complex words in your introduction to make it clear. If your introduction is confusing, definitely it will create confusion in the mind of the reader too.

Main Body-

 This part is the largest area of your essay. You need to involve or write your arguments, evidence, examples, studies in this part. You need to put your content in three main paragraphs and each paragraph should have-

Topic Sentence- First line related to your topic.

Main Idea- Your main argument and point of view.

Supportive Idea-Evidence to prove your point of view.

Elaboration- Brief explanation of your supportive idea.

Examples- Relevant examples to prove your point.

Sum Up – Restate the main points of your paragraph.


In the last part of your essay restate your thesis statement and wrap up all the ideas and supportive ideas in this part. Do not make a complicated conclusion, use simple words and sentences in your conclusion.

Your central idea should be considered in the conclusion part. Apart from this, avoid writing a new idea in the conclusion. Do not write a lengthy conclusion so that your reader can read it without knowing too much, because the reader already read the essay.


When you finish the essay writing, check for the spelling, grammer, word choice, punctuation mistakes and remove these mistakes. Also ensure you have not included too lengthy sentences and extra sentences, if you have done, remove them to make your essay flawless.

Ensure you have used a proper format in your essay. Revise your essay 1 to 2 times and check if all the keywords, words, sentences are correct or not.

Final words

In this blog we have discussed what microeconomics is and how to write a microeconomics essay. When you write your essay step by step within a proper format there are less chances of any mistake.

I hope when you need to write such a type of essay you can write it impressively by following the above steps. Ensure you understand the topic and make a proper outline.

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