A complete analysis of slurry pumps used in mining

Heavy-duty mining slurry pumps are essential equipment used in the mining sector. These pumps are engineered to pump abrasive materials. They are well suited for transferring waste materials such as slurries and tailings from mining.

Challenges that the mining industry faces

Pumping abrasive liquids from one place to another without breakdown is very difficult. Pump failures stop the mines in underground mining and pit mining. Industries can lose many hours due to machine failure.

Slurry pumps can be used in different pump designs to remove slurry from tailing ponds and mining sumps. The self-priming or submersible mining pumps can be operated by hydraulic or electric power.

You can ensure high performance and longevity for mining applications, bearing brackets and pump casing by casting these things in stainless steel or high chromium. The ingenious design of slurry pumps enables them to work normally even when exposed to debris. Tolerance issues are also avoided due to the absence of the impeller in the design.

Applications of slurry pumps in the mining industry

Slurries contain a lot of solid particles. You can use heavy-duty slurry pumps to move these slurries to different processing plants.

Froth flotation

This separates usable minerals from unwanted materials. Unwanted materials that go under during froth flotation are typically removed as tailings. Slurry pumps transport the tailings from flotation processes to the tailing storage facility.

Tailing transport

Tailings are usually the waste materials generated during mining. They are transported to dams or tailings ponds for storage. A mining slurry pump will transport the tailings from the processing plant to the facility.

Grinding circuit

Slurry pumps move ore between the grinding mills and the main crusher. The slurry is typically formed when the ore is ground and mixed with chemicals and water. It is then moved to the flotation process using slurry pumps.

Transportation of concrete

Concrete is a valuable material that remains after the waste has been removed. The pumps move the concentrate from the processing plant to the storage facility.

Benefits of using heavy-duty slurry pumps

Using heavy-duty slurry pumps offers several benefits in the mining industry.

Efficient transportation

The pumps can be used to transport slurries that contain high solid content across the intended distances. These pumps are typically engineered to manage corrosive and abrasive materials.

Reduced downtime

Slurry pumps are designed to reduce maintenance requirements. The shaft is sealed and this helps to prevent slurry leakage. You can get a wide range of slurry pumps with different shaft sealing options to choose from.


These systems are optimised for high efficiency. They have minimal energy consumption. The operating costs are significantly reduced. The pumps are engineered with low maintenance in mind.

Highly efficient

Slurry pumps are designed to be very efficient to save maintenance expenses and energy. The pumps deliver optimal pressure and flow with little loss from friction and other sources.

Easy to maintain

Mining slurry pumps are designed and built to last with very minimal upkeep to limit breakdowns. They are also designed to save money on maintenance and repairs.

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