Ongoing Intensive Rescue Operations as 40 Workers Remain Trapped in Uttarkashi Tunnel (Uttarakhand) For Over 48 Hours

Rescue teams tirelessly work to free 40 workers trapped inside an Uttarkashi tunnel (Uttarakhand) for over 48 hours. The operation, now entering its third day. It is facing numerous challenges as teams strive to create an escape passage through the debris that collapsed early Sunday morning.

Rescue Progress: Efforts to Clear Uttarkashi Tunnel Path

The rescue teams have made significant progress by cutting down rocks over a 200-meter area, with approximately 21 meters of the slab blocking the tunnel already removed. However, the crucial challenge lies in clearing a 19-meter passage before reaching the trapped workers.

The YES rescue teams are strategizing to deploy a 900-millimeter diameter pipe, nearly three meters long, to create a hole in the debris, providing an escape route for the workers. Specialized machines are pushing through the debris to facilitate the creation of this vital passage.

Kishore, reporter from NDTV, highlighted the challenges faced by the rescue teams, emphasizing the delicate and meticulous nature of the operation. “The biggest challenges now being faced by the rescue teams involve navigating through the remaining debris and ensuring the safety of both the trapped workers and the rescuers,” reported Kishore.

Chief Minister Dhami: Unwavering Support for Ongoing Rescue Operation

Chief Minister Dhami, closely monitoring the situation, expressed his commitment to supporting the ongoing rescue efforts. “We are doing everything in our capacity to ensure the safety and well-being of the trapped workers. The government is providing all necessary resources to expedite the rescue operation,” stated Chief Minister Dhami.

The technical team on site is utilizing advanced machinery and innovative approaches to overcome obstacles. Rescuers are bringing a crucial 900 mm pipe to the site and pushing it through the debris to create a safe passage for the trapped workers.

Despite the challenges, the rescue teams remain determined, and Chief Minister Dhami reassured the public, saying, “We are sparing no effort to bring the trapped workers to safety. The collective dedication of the rescue teams and the support from various agencies give us hope that we will successfully overcome this crisis.”

As the operation proceeds, the emphasis is on swiftly and safely evacuating the 40 trapped workers in the Uttarkashi tunnel. Collaborative efforts of rescue teams, officials, and specialized machinery highlight the commitment to saving lives and mitigating the impact of this incident.

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