Salman Khan Fans Set Off Fireworks Inside a Cinema Hall in Maharashtra During the Screening of ‘Tiger 3′

In a shocking incident, Salman Khan fans set off fireworks during a screening of ‘Tiger 3’ in Mohan Cinema, Malegaon, Maharashtra. The video, which went viral, led to a stampede-like situation, prompting Malegaon police to register a case under sections 112 and 117 of the Maharashtra Police Act.

Salman Khan urges to celebrate responsibly

Salman Khan took to Twitter to address the incident, pleading with fans to celebrate responsibly. The disruption occurred at Mohan Cinema in Nashik, Maharashtra, where Salman Khan fans set off fireworks inside the cinema hall, causing alarm among fellow moviegoers.

Viral videos captured the chaos inside the cinema hall as fans ignited firecrackers during Salman Khan’s appearance on the screen. The scenes, reminiscent of Diwali celebrations, led to panic among some moviegoers, resulting in a stampede-like situation. Salman Khan emphasizes the danger of such actions in enclosed spaces.

Police Investigation Underway as Cinema Owner Files Complaint

Following the disruptive incident, the theatre owner filed a complaint, leading to an ongoing investigation by the police. The authorities are examining the circumstances surrounding the unauthorized fireworks display inside the cinema hall during the screening of ‘Tiger 3′ in Nashik, Maharashtra.

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