A complete guide on how to pass your AMC exam

AMC examination comes after the completion of the AMC course. You have to study if you want to pass your exam and you should know that studying is more than putting the time in. You should ensure you are using the best practise problems to prepare for your exam. Analyzing your weak points to get your mathematics skills to where they should be is very important. Keep reading for quality tips on how to prepare for your exam.

Use quality practise problems

You need to use problems from past exams where possible. You should prepare for the type of questions and format used. Problem-solving practice will be very helpful to help you prepare. You need to spend most of your time preparing for the questions.

Ask your math teacher if you are unclear on how to deal with the problems. A math friend can help you learn how to deal with the problems. You need to understand the problems you encounter. Understanding the problems will help you prepare appropriately.

Do not lounge around

High-quality practice time is very important. You should have time and simulate real test-taking conditions when it comes to doing the problems. You need to get enough room and do not use outside resources whilst you test yourself. You should sit at a proper table. Bring in your outside resources as you review problems. These resources may include problem-solving books and online websites that aid in AMC prep.

Focus on your weaker area

Spend most of your study time focusing on your weak areas. Keep track of problems you did not know how to solve as you practice. You should practice concepts that you are shaky on. You can write your mistakes into a notebook or journal to help you focus your studying.

Do not just write your mistakes and move on. The main aim of writing down your mistakes is to figure out why you made them in the first place. You should know what you didn’t know when you were answering. Make a plan to get similar questions right in the future.

Beware of the small mistakes

You should be very careful about the small mistakes. Examples of small mistakes include accidentally moving decimal points, negative signs, or making basic arithmetic errors. You can get the meat of a problem correct but end up answering wrong if you make small mistakes. Get into the habit of being vigilant and very careful when practicing. This will ensure you don’t make mistakes when taking the main exam. Avoid assuming you are too smart to make small mistakes.

Schedule regular time for studying

Set aside dedicated time every week for studying. You will retain all of the skills learned by practicing at least once a week. You will also learn and continue building on your knowledge. You need to build studying into your schedule to pass your exams after your AMC course. Your studying could fall by the wayside if you don’t do this. You will end up losing out on getting the necessary practice.

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