A memorable water trip to the Mahanadi River (Gangrel Dam)

We came across a beautiful place surrounded by nature and greenery called the Mahanadi River (Gangrel dam), which was far from the noise and pollution of the city of Delhi/NCR. We were amazed by the beauty and peace of the place, and it made us feel much better than living in Greater Noida. We wanted to stay there for a few more days but could not do so due to our busy schedules. We enjoyed the fresh air and natural surroundings. During our stay, we indulged in various activities like trekking, horse riding, fishing, and bird watching, which added to our overall experience. It was a much-needed break from the hectic city life and reminded us of the importance of being close to nature.

A memorable water trip to the Mahanadi River
A memorable water trip to the Mahanadi River

The peaceful surroundings of the river, combined with the presence of my loved ones (bhai, bhabhi, sister, and kids), made me feel calm and happy. Taking a break from the fast-paced city life and being in nature can positively impact one’s mental and emotional well-being. As content writers, we must challenge ourselves and step out of our comfort zones to experience new things and create memories with loved ones.

I exposed my water phobia at (Gangrel Dam)

Water phobia - Mahanadi River
Water phobia – Mahanadi River

I was terrified to see the water of the river, but my brother and my husband did not even let me feel the fear, and I enjoyed myself immensely with them while we were sitting in the boat for around 15 minutes. I closed my eyes, so I did not see the flowing water, and I also opened my eyes numerous times. I was petrified to see the river because I felt like I would drown in the water, but as soon as I arrived close to the land, I started feeling more relaxed. My sister, her husband, brother, bhabhi, and husband were enjoying the water pattern, and I instantly felt much happier. We boated for about 20 minutes when I felt away from my bustling life. My mind is entirely at peace, and I’m experiencing a bliss I’ve never had in Metro City.

I ate Ice balls on the banks of the Mahanadi River

While returning from boating in Mahanadi, we all ate balls of ice. I started remembering my childhood as soon as I ate the ice balls. Additionally, all kids were enjoying the Ice balls to their taste. After 15 to 20 years, I ate ice Gola (Kala Khatta). As I ate it, my son’s teeth and my sister’s turned the same hue (blue). We all had color in our mouths and laughed a lot as we observed each other’s teeth colors. But I did not open my mouth to show my teeth because I was sure everyone would laugh at me too. haa..haa.

My sister’s 1-year-old son Mannu didn’t even eat ice balls; he was unable to eat, to be honest, but he still tried to eat as if he was feeling a lot of taste. It was so funny. I cannot explain it in words. You can feel only that.

Sharing experiences and creating new memories with loved ones can bring joy and strengthen relationships. The laughter and the colorful aftermath of eating ice balls added to the lightheartedness of the moment. It’s always nice to have moments like these that bring a smile to our faces and remind us of the simple pleasures in life

Here I am sharing some information about the Mahanadi River (Gangrel Dam)

  • Mahanadi River is an important river in India known for its cultural and ecological significance.
  • Mahanadi River in the state of Odisha
  • This river deposits more silt than any other river in the Indian subcontinent throughout its 900 km (560 mi) of slow flow.
  • It is known for its slow flow and high silt deposit.
  • The Mahanadi River also provides essential resources and livelihoods to the communities along its banks, making it a valuable part of the region’s ecosystem and culture.
  • Regarding water potential among peninsular rivers, it comes second to the Godavari.
  • The aggregate length of the earthen dams plus the 1,248 m long, 61 m high masonry dam is 25.8 km.
  • It has been known by various names, including Kanak Nandini, Chitrotpala, Nilotpala, Mahananda, and Mahanadi or Mahashweta. The river Mahanadi was referred to as Nilotpala in the Vayu Puran.

Inability to differentiate between the Mahanadi River (Gangrel Dam) and Sky

Mahanadi Gangrel dam
Mahanadi Gangrel dam

When we gaze at the Mahanadi (Gangrel dam), it will be exceedingly challenging to distinguish between the cloud and the Mahanadi since it appears the two have combined, leaving nothing but water in their place. The water is exceptionally pure, making it easy to glimpse the aquatic life and vegetation below. When my kids, my brother’s kids, and my sister’s kids touched the water, they were excited because it was so chilly.

Visit to the Mahanadi River (Gangrel dam) was a wonderful and memorable experience for my family, especially the children. The clear water and surrounding nature created a peaceful and calming atmosphere, contrasting with the busy city life in Delhi NCR. It was a highlight to see the children smile, play, and enjoy themselves in this environment. Indeed, spending time in nature and getting away from modern life’s distractions can positively impact our mental and emotional well-being. The beauty and purity of the Mahanadi River and its surroundings are exceptional.

Final word

The birthplace of the Mahanadi River is the Sihawa Mountain in Chhattisgarh, India. My brother-in-law Vicky provided us with crucial information about the river. It is a famous river, and it is always a great experience to see and explore the surrounding environment, as it differs from city life.

Vicky, my younger sister’s husband, assured us that if I claimed he was our guide, he would provide us with the precise information I later discovered after searching on Google. Mahanadi is a well-known Mahanadi; I had only read about it in articles before. But the first time, I saw it with my own eyes and enjoyed the water boat and other activities.

My special thanks to my dear sister Poonam and her husband, Vicky.

Gangrel Dam
Gangrel Dam

I enjoyed other activities, but I can only cover some of these things due to the lengthy article. If you want to know, please write a comment. I will share those experiences also. If you’re going to explore this place, book your ticket now, and enjoy it with your family.

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