Baby name trends: 6 Celebrity Baby Name Trends For 2021

A baby is a special blessing of God in our life. Are you expecting a Baby Name Trends 2021? If yes, you are going to achieve the ultimate happiness very soon. During the pregnancy period, the parents feel very excited, and various thoughts come in their mind like:

  • Whether they are going to have a baby girl or boy.
  • How will they take proper care of the baby?
  • The name of the baby.

Well, the most interesting discussion revolves around baby name trends. Parents nowadays are very particular about the selection of the names of their babies. The following questions may arise:

  • Do you like retro fashioned baby names?
  • Are you fond of trendy baby names?

Most of the parents are more inclined towards celebrity baby name trends. We are here to suggest to you the celebrity baby name trends 2021 with the father and mother name:

1. Baby names with double alphabet 

Yes, now most of the celebrities are very much fond of double alphabet baby names. If you think that by double baby names, we mean twin babies, then you are wrong. These are trendy baby names where a single letter is written double. For example,

  • Willa-Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner
  • Callum-Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee

2. Strong baby names 

Different people have different points of view and meaning regarding the word ‘strong names’ of babies. But celebrities are following the trend of keeping their babies’ names, which holds strong meaning like energy, victory. For example,

  • Liberty-Meghan McCan and Ben Domenech
  • Ace-Malika Haqq and O.T. Genasis

The babies with these types of names are referred to as mighty monikers.

3. Names based on historical or inspirational figure

We all have one or multiple idols in our life whom we give respect in various forms. We make a collection of their great works, say, books, drawings, etc., or we involve their thoughts in our day-to-day activities or keep the names of babies in the names of those idols. Hollywood celebrities have now followed this trend. For example,

  • Lenon-daughter of Singer Thomas Rhett inspired by John Lennon, a Beatles member.

4. Baby names with the letter ‘X.’

In 2020, Hollywood celebrities were following the letter ‘k’ in the names of their babies. In 2021, there is a trend of the letter ‘X.’ For example, 

  • Hendrix-Sasha Pieterse and Hudson Sheaffer.
  • Axel-Melissa and David Fumero

5. Lovely baby names

The placement of ‘L’ multiple times in the baby names is a trend nowadays. However single ‘L’ baby names are also cool for 2021. For example,

  • Lozen-Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens
  • Lyra-Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn.

6. Catchy names for babies

Words like Baby, Sweetie, Buddy can also be chosen as trendy baby names for 2021. Babies feel excited hearing such names. For example, 

  • Daisy-Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

We often find parents getting confused with the variety of available baby names. So we have tried to provide an idea of the baby names which are in trend in 2021. This year, feel pleasure by gifting your baby with some cool and trendy names that Hollywood celebrities follow.

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