5 Basin Styles You Should Know About

Many homeowners are perplexed when choosing bathroom sinks. With the wide range of basin styles available, selecting one can be overwhelming. If you are unsure about what style to choose, you need to factor in which room you are purchasing the basin for. 

Are you shopping for the master bathroom, family bathroom or powder room? Consider who will likely use the room and how much space you have. Therefore, before you select your new bathroom sink, you must be well informed to help you narrow down the best options for your needs and your space. You can buy cheap basins for sale online or at a store near you and select the one that suits your needs. 

Given below are 5 basin styles that you must be aware of before selecting one for your bathroom.

  • Wall-Mounted Basins

This style is a terrific choice if you have a small space. They can be installed on the wall, which frees up space underneath the sink. But bear in mind that the pipework of a wall-mounted basin will be exposed. 

Even though the plumbing may be visible in these designs, its visual appeal can be improved by adding a chrome trap in place of the white plumbing waste.

Remember that wall-mounted basins, although solidly built, must never be subjected to too much force as this may cause damage.

  • Pedestal Basins

This style is the one people recognise the most.

Pedestal basins hide pipework creating a seamless, clean, and tidy look. A fixture to the wall supports the basin, so the pedestal is not taking the entire weight of the basin.

  • Countertop Basins

Space is critical in a bathroom. For this reason, a countertop basin is a smart way to utilise space since there is no need to install a pedestal.

A countertop basin also has the added benefit of creating a super stylish and edgy look to your bathroom. Since the basin seems to be just placed on the countertop or vanity unit, it leaves a minimalistic vibe. Moreover, this style creates plenty of space for furniture and storage. 

  • Recessed Basins

This type of basin is otherwise known as an inset basin. It is a fashionable choice for any bathroom. It lends a stylish and modern appeal.

Moreover, it is highly functional and mitigates spillage since the counter is spacious. The free space below can also be used for additional storage.

A fully recessed bathroom basin comes in various styles and terrific designs, so you can choose one that exactly matches the design of your bathroom.

  • Corner Washbasin

Corner washbasins are the ultimate space-saving design you could ever install in your bathroom. This basin unit can be mounted on the corner wall or installed on a corner storage cabinet.

The shape of corner washbasins saw dramatic changes over the years, giving you the option to choose from, which can be rectangular, round, or offset cornered. Further, these basins come in various colour options.

Various styles and shapes of corner basins are available, and choosing a premium design can turn your basin into a statement piece in itself.

The bathroom basin is the busiest area in your bathroom, especially during morning rush hour. If you are thinking of uplifting the look of your bathroom with a new basin, you must choose a style that ties in with the rest of the room. You can choose from a wide variety of cheap basins for sale online or at your local store. Bear in mind that style is just the first consideration. Your basin must be durable, long-lasting, and withstand forces and wear.

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