Best 6 Attractive Tree House Resorts in Kerala

Thinking of a treehouse brings the essence of a verdant valley, a peaceful environment with relentlessly chirping birds, elegantly grooving trees, and beautiful running streams. If you want to get attached to nature and its bounties, Kerala has many beautiful spots embedded with lush green forests and astounding views of streams to serve. Treehouse resorts in Kerala are built high above the canopy of the rainforest with coir mats, long-lived hardwood, and bamboo poles. Nowadays, Treehouse brings a sense of adventure to youngsters, a place to rejuvenate the elders’ mind and soul. Most importantly, they serve a private and luxurious getaway to newlyweds. Kerala, aka God’s own country, provides a golden opportunity for the travelers to get closely acquainted with what our mother nature has to offer!

Treehouse booking in Kerala is quite a difficult task because of the myriad of resorts available, but ahead is a list of attractive treehouse resorts in Kerala that tend to help you plan a perfect date with nature-

Hiliya Tree House-

From heartwarming welcome to bud smacking breakfast, Hiliya treehouse is going to make your vacation worth remembering a lifetime. You can get yourself indulging in several outdoor and indoor activities like- fishing, bird watching, trekking, self-cooking, pruning fruit trees, and so much more! Amenities like drool-worthy breakfast, a playroom to enjoy some fun activities, a spa facility to provide relaxation, and many more services await your presence at Hiliya Treehouse.

Tranquil Tree House 

Situated amidst a private estate of coffee and other plantations, this resort offers two tree houses with seven beautifully built rooms in it. Endowed with all the luxurious amenities, this resort thrives in providing a tranquil and yet lavish experience to its esteemed guests. Aesthetically furnished cottages and 24*7 housekeeping services are all you need to rub off the mundane and hassling life you led. Experience nature closely within the splendor of nature at Tranquil Tree House.

Vanya Tree House 

Located in Kumily, Thekkady, Kerala, Vanya Tree House is an exact embodiment of enthralling beauty. Enjoy a lavish and memorable vacation with your family, friends, and close ones at Vanya Tree House, surrounded by evergreen forests and endowed with cozy rooms with elegant inside decor. Your comfortable room is accompanied by a balcony in which you can enjoy a spectacular view while sipping coffee, tea, and devouring over delicious breakfast.

TreeHouse Wayanad 

TreeHouse Wayanad is a unique amalgamation of innovation, ethnicity, and ecstasy. The resort has been built to help you enjoy the colorful beauty that Kerala has restored for a long time. This resort is manned by several friendly staff members who are always available to serve your requirements and necessities. With contemporary decor, spa treatment, organic milieu, and awe-inspiring beauty of nature, the stay at TreeHouse Wayanad are like a dream come true.

Great Escapes Treehouse 

Great Escapes Treehouse is an oasis of wellness dwelling in Munnar, Kerala. Relive every moment with joy and auspiciousness at this resort, which offers you a great deal of luxurious, comfortable, and ethnic lifestyle. This resort is a fantastic, accommodating option. The package you register for also comes with a complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and has a separate living room with a balcony to enjoy the amusement of the melodious chirping of birds.

Kaivalyam Retreat Tree House 

Witness invaluable experience with your family members and loved ones at this Kaivalyam Retreat Tree House. This resort is famous for its beguiling services and standard rooms with eye-catching views of Kerala stores’ never-ending beauty.

Plan a memorable holiday trip with your friends; family members loved ones amidst fascinating views, gigantic mountains, and a refreshing environment with just one TreeHouse booking in Kerala. 

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