Biggest Trends in Mobile Sticker Designs for 2021

No doubt, the mobile industry is a fast-growing industry rather than any other industry. At the same time, the mobile accessories industry is also growing at a double pace. The most popular accessory is mobile stickers which are popular among all mobile users. If you have the experience of visiting any mobile accessory shop, you have to observe the wide variety of stickers there. Several types of mobile stickers are available but all are not equally favorite of the customers. We will talk about the trendiest designs of mobile stickers. Before this, let’s have a brief introduction to mobile stickers and their types.

Mobile Stickers and Their Types

Mobile stickers are colorful, character, text, animals, or any scenery that can be easily stuck to the back of the mobiles. It gives an attractive and unique look to the mobiles.Every user has a different taste and so that a versatile range of stickers is available to meet their desires.To provide uniqueness in stickers different types of materials are used with different colors patterns and other important features.Following are some types of stickers that are the center of attention for every mobile user and everyone wants to have these pieces for their mobile.

·      Vinyl Mobile Stickers

Vinyl stickers are a top trend for mobile these days. Vinyl material is durable and is used for multiple other products.But the vinyl sticker is very famous and it is available with multiple designs of floral, character, pictures, material, and many others.Due to vinyl material, the stickers have an elegant shine. Furthermore, it is reliable and provides protection to mobile.

·      Metal Stickers

Metal stickers are a new but very popular trend. It is the pattern of a specific logo, symbol, or written text with the small pieces of metal on the transparent sheet.The embossing effect of stickers gives a different and unique look to the mobile.

·      Printed Stickers

Printed stickers are not new to the market but they are in trend because of attractive and unique prints.In fact, a pattern or design is printed on simple paper in several colors or only in black and white. Then glue has been spread on one side of the paper and a thin transparent sheet of PVC is attached to it.

·      Crystal Mobile Stickers

Crystal stickers are also in fashion. In this, crystals are arranged in a specific pattern and attached to a transparent sticker sheet. That can easily stick to the mobile back and give a luxurious look to the mobile.There is a huge variety of crystal stickers including a smaller floral crystal icon to full crystal sheet stickers with different colors and sizes.These types of stickers are most favorite of young girls.

·      Epoxy Resin Stickers

Epoxy resin is another type of 3D sticker that is coated with polyurethane resin that gives an embossed and shiny look to the pattern.Instead of placing a full sheet of epoxy resin sticker sheet on the mobile, people like a small icon or text written piece for the mobile.

·      Silicon Mobile Stickers

Silicon mobile stickers are also popular mobile stickers these days. Silicon covers and pouches are used for mobiles and it provides safety to mobile as this material helps to prevent damage and make them waterproof.Silicon stickers are smaller icon buttons with animal characters, or any interesting logo or text form. It is the form of 3D stickers that gives an attractive look to mobile.


Above all accessories, mobile stickers are top on the trend for mobiles. These types are based on the material and techniques of their making. If we talk about the popular pattern or design, this varies from person to person.As the taste and desires of people depend on age, class, gender, etc. But customize designs of pictures, logos or pets are more in trend. If you want to search the recent designs for mobile stickers, online websites are the best options. Customers can find the trendiest designs of mobile accessories and mobile stickers.What to do if anyone wants to buy wholesale mobile stickers? They can easily get access to Wholesale mobile stickers through the wholesale marketplace.What is your opinion about mobile stickers? Were you familiar with these types of stickers for the mobile? What are the types of stickers you like the most and want to buy? Share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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