Bipolar Disorder Symptoms and Treatment

Bipolar disorder is also commonly known as a manic disorder. Bipolar disorder is a mental condition that generally causes a lot of mood swings. These mood swings affect daily chores, activities, lifestyle and may also ruin our daily schedule or routine too. These mood swings sometimes are very high called mania and hypomania and sometimes very low called depression.

When you become depressed, you may lose interest in all the activities that you love the most. These days there are a lot of people who go through such mental conditions but are not aware of that completely. With the help of this guide, we will help you in understanding what exactly is bipolar disorder, and when you should see a bipolar disorder therapist. You can also go for a Champaign counseling round if you want.

What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mental condition in which a person faces extreme mood swings with different energy levels. These intense fluctuations of mood swings with varying levels of energy affect the day to day activities of a person and make it difficult for them to live with such conditions. There are 2 phases of the bipolar disorder condition. You may either feel emotionally very high or low. These mood swings may occur multiple times in a year and some people don’t face any symptoms too.

Symptoms associated with the bipolar disorder

The symptoms of the bipolar disorder condition may vary from individual to individual. Mentioned below are some common symptoms faced by the majority of the people having bipolar disorder mental condition.

Hypomania or mania

Hyopmanianand mania is elevated mood conditions. Out of these mania is more intense than hypomania. The symptoms include the following:

● Impaired judgment
● The feeling of weirdness about everything
● Easily irritated
● Sleeping little, but not feeling tired
● Engaging in risky behavior
● Increased libido
● Having high levels of self-confidence and self-esteem

Depressive symptoms

During an episode of bipolar disorder, a person may also face the following symptoms:

● Extreme sadness
● The feeling of gloom, despair, and helplessness
● Feeling of anxiety
● Sense of guilt and unhappiness
● Weight loss or weight gain depending on the mood
● Not able to enjoy the activities which you loved once
● The sensitivity of noises smells and things
● Irritability
● Difficulty in getting up in the morning

In severe cases, if anyone feels like to end his or her life they should immediately consult a bipolar disorder therapist and should also consider Champaign counseling right away.

Best Treatment for bipolar disorder condition

Bipolar disorder can be treated. Though it is an alive ling condition it needs constant care. It is always recommended to get the treatment at the earliest before it gets severe.

1) Medications: medications are the main treatment that is given to the patients at the early stages. In this method, the people are given antidepressants and mood stabilizers.

2) Psychotherapy: in this type of treatment the patient is asked to talk about their feelings and issues which lead to such mental conditions.

There are different types of psychotherapy which include: interpersonal and social rhythm therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, family-focussed therapy, and psycho education.


So, dear readers here is everything about the bipolar disorder mental condition. In many severe cases, people start consuming drugs and alcohol. Make sure to visit and consult the bipolar disorder therapist. You can also take care of this mental condition by changing your lifestyle habits like exercising daily, eating healthy food, and getting a daily dose of your sunshine. Establishing a regular and adequate sleep pattern will also help you in improving your mental condition by balancing your libido for all the activities.

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