Box Office Collection of Mammootty Crime Thriller ‘Kannur Squad’ From 1st Day to 20th Day, Success Continues Without Stop

The highly anticipated crime drama “Kannur Squad,” featuring Megastar Mammootty, hit theaters on September 28, 2023, and is expected to have a strong run at the box office. The film has been receiving rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, and is expected to be one of the biggest hits of the year.

Critical acclaim points to the film’s captivating narrative and unique treatment as key factors driving its widespread appeal. Initially, it presents itself as a gripping crime investigation thriller, emphasizing intricate police procedurals. However, the storyline seamlessly transitions into an action-packed crime drama and a thrilling road movie spanning diverse Indian landscapes. Emotionally resonant scenes further broaden its appeal to family audiences, while Mammootty’s charismatic star power adds an undeniable attraction, particularly for his devoted fans.

Kannur Squad Box Office Collection: A Day-by-Day Breakdown

Discover the day-wise box office journey of “Kannur Squad,” with insights on its remarkable 20th-day collection, which is predicted to hit ₹0.54 crore net in India. Explore the film’s impressive performance in the initial 19 days and its expected performance on the 20th day.

Day India Net Collection

Day 1, 1st Thursday: ₹2.2 Cr
Day 2, 1st Friday, ₹2.5 Cr
Day 3, 1st Saturday: ₹3.35 Cr
Day 4, 1st Sunday: ₹4.6 Cr
Day 5, 1st Monday: ₹4.15 Cr
Day 6, 1st Tuesday: ₹2.25 Cr
Day 7, 1st Wednesday: ₹1.95 Cr
Day 8, 1st Thursday: ₹1.45 Cr

Kannur Squad’s Week 1 Collection ₹22.45 Cr

Day 9, 2nd Friday: ₹1.55 Cr
Day 10, 2nd Saturday: ₹2.5 Cr
Day 11, 2nd Sunday: ₹3 Cr
Day 12, 2nd Monday: ₹1.02 Cr
Day 13, 2nd Tuesday: ₹0.85 Cr
Day 14, 2nd Wednesday: ₹0.75 Cr
Day 15, 2nd Thursday: ₹0.6 Cr

Kannur Squad’s Week 2 Collection ₹10.27 Cr

Day 16, 3rd Friday: ₹1.05 Cr
Day 17, 4th Saturday: ₹1.2 Cr
Day 18, 6th Sunday: ₹1.35 Cr
Day 19, 7th Monday: ₹0.7 Cr *Rough Data
Day 20, 8th Tuesday: ₹0.54 Cr* may earn

Total ₹37.56 Cr In India

Meet the Stellar Cast and Crew of ‘Kannur Squad’

Get acquainted with the talented individuals behind the crime drama ‘Kannur Squad.’ Directed by Roby Varghese Raj, making his directorial debut, and co-written by Muhammed Shafi and Rony David Raj, this film features an ensemble cast led by the iconic Mammootty as ASI George Martin. Joining him are Vijayaraghavan, Rony David Raj, Kishore Kumar G, Shabareesh Varma, and Sunny Wayne.

Behind the Scenes of ‘Kannur Squad‘: Production Details

Take a closer look at the ensemble cast and the talented crew responsible for bringing ‘Kannur Squad’ to life. Alongside the lead Mammootty, the film features Azees Nedumangad, Sajin Cherukayil, Deepak Parambol, Gibin Gopinath, Sarath Sabha, and more. This production, which marks the fourth venture of Mammootty Kampany, is distributed by Wayfarer Films (India) and Truth Global Films (UAE). With Muhammed Rahil as the cinematographer, Praveen Prabhakar handling editing duties, and Sushin Shyam composing the music, explore the creative minds behind the scenes of this thrilling crime drama.

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