Boyfriend Jeans Vs. Girlfriend Jeans: Difference in Fit & Style

The fashion world is evolving day by day, and fascinating inventions are grasping the world into its hands. Previously, when looking for jeans, you could not really get many options for different sizes, shapes, and fits. But now, when you shop for a pair of jeans, you get them in all sizes, shapes, and fits to fit all kinds of beauties. While there are multiple types of jeans, but boyfriend jeans, girlfriend jeans are the ones that have been in trend for the longest time.

One of many reasons for them to be the talk of the town is their comfort. These kinds of jeans are what people call style with comfort. Being stuck at home due to a global pandemic doesn’t mean you cannot shop for jeans, right? If you like to wear jeans at home, then these kinds of jeans are a great match for you. But the question is what to choose between the two? What’s the difference between boyfriend and girlfriend jeans? To solve all your doubts and make it less hassle for you while shopping, here are the basic differences between girlfriend and boyfriend jeans:

What Are Girlfriend Jeans?

As the name suggests, girlfriend jeans are a more feminine type of jeans compared to boyfriend jeansThese came into the market around 2014-2015 as an alternative to boyfriend jeans.  They are popular among women due to their high versatility and comfort. The pants’ main feature is that the pants’ lines and functions respect female curves while maintaining a laid-back look. They come in multiple styles and colors, but mostly the light-washed distressed ones are the most popular. They are low-waisted, mid-waited, or high-waisted and slightly slouchy between the legs.

What Are Boyfriend Jeans?

As you can predict from their name, boyfriend jeans are more loose-fitting pants with volume and straight lines. They came into fashion in 1961, after Marilyn Monroe wore them in the movie The Misfits. They have a slouchy crotch area and straight legs. They were very famous in the 90s among rappers for an excellent street-style or casual-chic look. These pants are baggy in style and come in the low-rise waist.

Girlfriend Vs. Boyfriend Jeans: Differences

Analyzing the difference between boyfriend and girlfriend jeans based on the comfort level is slightly tricky, as they both are almost on the same level when it comes to comfort. However, the main difference between the two is their fit. Though the differences get connected to men’s and women’s silhouettes, you are free to wear whichever you like.

The Cut

Compared to boyfriend jeans, girlfriend pants have a more expansive and natural-looking cut. They fit effortlessly, hugging each curve gracefully, giving a fitter and more comforting feeling down your waist.

The original boyfriend jeans, as the name implies, have a low-rise waist and straight lines that are characteristics of most men’s jeans. They mostly come in a baggier or more prominent around the crotch with a more relaxed and casual cut.


The waist of these pants typically differs in terms of height and width. The girlfriend jeans have a higher waistline and are more body-hugging than the boyfriend jeans. As mentioned earlier, girlfriend jeans are another name for comfort; they have an inch extra around the crotch to make them feel comfortable around your legs. On the other hand, boyfriend jeans have a low-rise and straight-line waist, as you get in most male jeans.


Talking about the length of both the jeans, girlfriend jeans usually come in two length types- fully long and cropped with tapered legs. These jeans are simple and easy to personalize according to your taste. On the other hand, the boyfriend jeans have straighter lines and long legs and come in various lengths. In case you don’t want long legs, they also look great folded up.

How to Choose Between the Two?

Now that you know the basic difference between the two types of jeans, it might get tricky for you to choose the one.

If you are looking for something that your curve could get along with, and it was comfortable yet full of fashion worth featuring in a glossy magazine, then girlfriend jeans are the one! Girlfriend jeans, as mentioned, fit all sizes and shapes perfectly while making them a great option for both indoors and outdoors. If girlfriend jeans could be defined in one line, it would be to move freely and flex those curves!

Now, coming to boyfriend jeans, they could mostly be a great fit for slim athletic body types. Though you get differently styled cuts, like slim and tapered cuts, it will depend on how it looks on your body. Try it out and see for yourself!

Final Words

There is no competition between boyfriend and girlfriend jeans, nor is there a clear winner here. Both have unique characteristics and aspects based on the individual’s preferences. But one thing they all have in common is the fun and chic look they give you in this world of fashionistas. So, try them both and see which one makes you say, ‘This is the one!’

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