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Today entertainment has become an essential part of everyone’s life. We all love to know interesting facts about various popular figures. It even helps us to remain updated about them. We may love to know about their style, background, struggle, and even their earnings or net worth. Yes, today we are going to discuss Brian Shaw’s net worth. Do you know who Brian Shaw is? Brian Shaw is an American strongman. He is a professional competitor. His career started in 2000. He started achieving numerous awards from a very early age. He was the only and the first man who won contests like the world’s strongest man and Arnold strongman in one single year.

Let us now explore the various corners of his earnings:

  1. Do you all know that he appears in several shows on Tv besides being the participant and winner of unlimited competitions related to professional strongman? Yes, he indeed earns sufficient even from his presence in various Tv shows.
  2. You may not know that he officially started his career and earnings in 2005. He did not have any formal training at that time when he participated in Denver’s strongest man event. Isn’t it very interesting and inspiring?
  3. Most probably he continued, in the same manner, gaining advanced training for about seven years from 2005. But in June 2006, his participation in professional and higher contests enabled him to earn 3.500 dollars or even more. Here he began gaining both needed experience and a good amount of money parallelly.
  4. In 2009, he succeeded in earning more than 20.000 dollars and became the champion as a strongman. It may sound huge, but it is the truth. The question may arise as to how it became possible. The answer is he became the winner of competitions like ‘Los Angeles Grand Prix,’ ‘Gothenburg Grand Prix,’ and many more. So the year 2009 can surely be considered a crucial and turning point of Brian Shaw’s career both in earnings and fame.
  5. Brian Shaw appeared in the world’s strongest man competition for the first time in 2008. His fortune was not in his favor because he failed to make the way to the top 10 of this renowned competition.
  6. The year 2009 proved to be a lucky year for Brian Shaw, after which the path became smooth for him. Do you want to know in-depth? In the following years after 2009, he participated and stood the winner of numerous contests of strongman. Such participation and winner tag helped him to earn more and more. As of now, Brian Shaw’s net worth is more than 1 million dollars.
  7. Brian Shaw earns a good amount from his youtube channel as well. The youtube channel has millions of views and subscribers. The ads in the channel generate revenue of 1300 dollars each day.

This 6 ft 8 inch 200 kg strong man has become the favorite of many people out there by his talent and hard work. His nickname ‘Gigantic’ goes well with his personality. “Born strong” and “stronger” are the documentaries where he recently played the role of his real life.


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