Careprost Serum for Long and Thick Eyelashes

Careprost Eyelash Serum – medical care serum, which improves the expansion of the eyelashes, extends them, and makes them thicker. Also, deepen your tone. because of this product, your look is spectacular – even in 6 weeks! *

Careprost Eyelash Serum contains active substances like bimatoprost. It performs the function of intensifying the expansion of the eyelashes. The regenerating and moisturizing components (among others: d-panthenol, glycerin, and allantoin) provide deep regeneration and relief to your lashes, making them stronger and healthier. His condition improves even the primary few weeks after using the serum. It’s a product that may not leave you indifferent.

Do you want to form your lashes denser and darken your eyebrows? Take a glance at our Careprost Serum. You’ll use it daily as a serum for eyelashes and eyebrows. Careprost Eyelash Serum may be a perfect solution for dense and thick eyelashes – determine now!

Eyelash serum – our recipe for your enchanting look

Do you want to possess long, solid, and thick eyelashes? If so, Buy Careprost Eyelash Serum is your must-have! The serum for eyelashes from our portfolio is intensive care and, therefore, the stunning look during a single product.

You will be delighted, along with your new sensual look.

The most important

Showing off long and voluminous eyelashes will not be possible only due to mascara. If you begin to be per the utilization of eyelash serum, that striking look is obtained without having to use makeup pastes.

Treating the eyelashes with a serum nourishes, strengthens, protects, and regenerates them within the future, benefiting their growth and density. Be consistent and apply the merchandise once or twice daily to note the difference.

When choosing our ideal eyelash serum, we must examine certain aspects, like type, ingredients, or expiration date. Thus, it’ll be much easier to search out the proper serum for us.

What is a careprost eyelash serum, and what’s it for?

Eyelash serums are cosmetic products that, because of a composition supported by proteins, enzymes, and active agents, are ready to stimulate the expansion of the eyelashes and activate the eyelid follicles. Therefore, its continued use gives us:

More incredible eyelash growth naturally.

Longer, more robust, and healthier-looking lashes.

Better hydration of the eyelashes, which translates into greater volume.

A considerable reduction within the loss of eyelashes.

Also, its ingredients are natural and make sure of your eyelashes. For this reason, it’s one of all the initial demanded cosmetic treatments today, and more and more women are taking advantage of these advantages.

What forms of eyelash serum are there?

Although all the serums have in common the characteristics that we’ve just mentioned, the reality is that some have specific properties for every variety of need. The most needs that we will have within the tabs are:

To enlarge

Increase the quantity


Thus, reckoning on what our objective is (to lengthen our lashes, strengthen them or increase their volume), we must choose a serum specially designed for this purpose. Most manufacturers usually specify the sort of serum in question, so it’ll not be tough for you to differentiate between them.

How and when should the eyelash serum be applied?

Lash serum results aren’t immediate. You need to hold back, but mainly, be per the treatment to urge the eyelashes you wish. Specialists recommend applying it once or twice daily for a minimum of four weeks. We recommend taking a photograph of your eyelashes before starting the treatment. It is so easy to apply:

Following your daily cleansing routine (morning and night), confirm the skin on your eyelids and eyelashes are completely clean before applying the serum.

Eyelash serum usually includes a brush or comb that creates it much easier to use.

Apply it along all the lashes, but listen to the roots. In this way, the merchandise will penetrate the follicle and have more effect.

In the case of the morning, although it’s not recommended, you’ll be able to apply your mascara on top. But, be careful. You want to wait until the serum has been completely absorbed.

It has no mystery. Include these four steps in your daily routines, and you may notice the difference. You must also know that the four-week recommendation is indicative, which you’ll continue using for extended, as long as you would like until you get the results you expect. Some manufacturers assure that the products begin to be noticed from the second week.


Can eyelash serum have the identical aesthetic effect as mascara?

Once they need to learn about eyelash serum, many ladies wonder if, with them, they’re going to be able to achieve the identical visual effect of prolonged and fuller eyelashes that mascara produces. The solution is: not necessarily. Like any cosmetic, the results we expect vary from person to person.

The constant use of the serum will make us look nourished, regenerated, and robust eyelashes, making them more noticeable even without mascara. However, the serum won’t provide the deep black tone that’s achieved with mascara.

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