How To Choose A Ride-On Floor Scraper?

If you are in the business of floor removal, you know the difficulties one needs to face doing what the contractors do here. But if you are reading this and have no idea what is a ride-on floor scraper is and how to choose one, you will be learning something new. 

These machines remove materials such as carpet, ceramic tile, VCT,  hardwood floor, etc. Thanks to the ride on floor scraper mechanism not much physical labour is involved in this business. It makes the jobs easier and faster.

Read on to learn about these machines and how to choose one in the market. 

What is a Ride-On Floor Removal Machine?

It is used for flooring removal and operates on batteries or propane. Typically, these machines are used for large commercial projects to remove many flooring types quickly. If  not used carefully, it can cause catastrophic damage to concrete and surrounding objects. 

This device can also flatten tolerance subfloors. Removing flooring from wood subfloors can be difficult, but this machine makes it easy and doable. 

Consumers may wonder if it’s wise to hire a contractor for removing ceramic floor tiles, sheet vinyl flooring, or engineered wood flooring. It is worth mentioning that hiring a contractor would be a wise choice to make as it would help avoid the possibility of any dangerous consequences.

Why Do You Need Such a Machine Anyway?

Floor scrapers can do the job that other machines cannot. It is the most efficient surface preparation equipment a contractor can use to ease work. While floor grinders are efficient for concrete and shot blasters for stone, scrapers and floor strippers can remove many materials.

  • Vinyl or linoleum floor coverings
  • Wood or parquet
  • Rubber or mastic coatings
  • Tile and mortar or thin-set
  • Carpet and tack strip

You can also use floor scrapers for removing asphalt and rubberized coatings. A wider variety of jobs can be covered with the increasing specialization of these machines. It can remove layers of different materials in a fraction of the time needed for a walk-behind scraper. 

Different models vary in speed, ranging from 150 feet per minute for battery-powered varieties. It can go up to 400 feet per minute for larger propane-powered models. This way, you get better productivity with less or no work fatigue.

Features That are Important for a Floor Scraper

Different parts are required for a good floor scraper. These parts work in harmony for optimal performance of the machine. Here are the factors you should consider while getting one:

  • Weight: Massive force is required when removing a floor layer. The heavier the machine is, the better the removing process with increased downward pressure. 
  • Speed and Torque: These two factors complete the machine’s weight and work in sync for the machine’s efficiency. Without weight and torque, speed is irrelevant. It may lead to improper cutting.
  • Battery Power: If you buy a floor scraper powered by a battery, draining the battery too soon would be a concerning factor. Get a machine with 6 hours of battery power as they can remove layers 50% faster than those with 12 hours of battery power. This reduces the working time and labour cost.

The Bottom Line

A ride on floor scraper can bring you enough profit with the efficient working of the machines. However, to get the best experiences, investigate all the differences between the different devices. 

Compare the features like weight, torque, travel, speed, etc., to make an informed decision.

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