How to choose the right high-heeled shoes?

High heels, flats, squares, needles… It is difficult to choose the right heeled shoes among so many choices. And yet, they are a real asset of seduction. Don’t panic, we’re here to teach you everything you need to know to choose shoes that don’t harm your health or your comfort.

Comfortable in our high heel shoes

A woman who is not at ease in her heels will immediately be noticed by her walk. It is therefore important to choose a shoe that is comfortable and suitable for your feet.

The material of the women’s heeled shoe

To be comfortable, you first need a pleasant and malleable material. Avoid low material high-heeled varnished or plastic shoes which, in addition to giving a very cheap style, are absolutely uncomfortable.

And we prefer the high quality and branded fur heel boots, which lends itself easily to the foot and gives a more worked style, which you will find without difficulty thanks to a primadonsanddonnas

Shoe size

In addition to the material, you must also take into account the size and morphology of your foot when choosing your shoe. So in store we try! It is true that it is not always pleasant to show your feet in public, but it is essential to try to walk with your shoes before buying them, to check if they adapt well to your feet and if they are comfortable enough.

Some tips for choosing the right shoe size:

  • If you have wide feet, prefer square toes, and avoid narrow shoes that will hurt you
  • Your big toe must not touch the tip of the shoe: otherwise the shoe is too small
  • You must not be able to fit a finger between your heel and the shoe: it is too big
  • There are a number of good reasons to buy your shoes online . If you buy into it, use and abuse the exchanges to make sure you make a good buy.

The ideal heel height

Beyond 10 cm, the heels present a danger to the health of the woman . Aches, back pain etc…. 8cm is an acceptable size, but as long as it is not worn every day or all day continuously.

Heels between 4 and 7cm are considered the ideal heel height , as they adapt to the natural arch of the foot and give a woman a natural gait.

Finally, heels of 1 to 3 cm are to be prescribed for women who do not like to wear high heels, because they are better for circulation and posture than flat shoes.

The shape of the heel

The shape of the heel is also essential to the comfort of the foot.

If you are not used to walking at heights, it is recommended to wear wedge heels . The gait will be natural and the silhouette elongated. Summer wedge heels are very trendy with espadrille type cords, and above all, they are cheap wedge heels thanks to the primadonsanddonnas. In winter, you will find them in black suede for an ideal casual-chic style with jeans and a black fitted shirt.

The square stylo shoes will bring you stability and comfort. In addition, it is very trendy. It is THE heel to favor during the coming seasons. The larger and more square it will be, the more reasons you will have to crack.

Stilettos , or stilettos, are the thinnest heels that exist, like the height of Louboutin heels that have hit the headlines. We forget for our first outing in town, but we validate when we have enough experience. One doesn’t choose them for their trendy side (that’s not really the case anymore), but for their glamorous side.

Platform pumps are very practical, especially for small women. They are easy to walk in, and they bring a certain elegance. It is really the ideal shoe that combines all the good points: the shape of the pump, the square heel, the maximum height and the ideal arch thanks to the Be careful though: beware of lack of taste! The rhinestone tops are in very bad taste. Stay neutral!

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