Top Considerations While Choosing The Perfect Wedding Ring

Your engagement is one of the happiest days of your life, but choosing the perfect wedding ring can be confusing, especially since you might never have had to choose a ring before and have no idea where to start. 

But since engagements happen once in a lifetime, people tend to go all out on their rings. A certain survey concluded that 80% of the engagement rings sold in Australia feature a diamond, with sapphire making it in second place. 

So, what must you remember to get your partner the perfect wedding ring while making sure it fits your budget? Read on to find out.

Top considerations while buying your engagement ring.

Here are some top tips you must keep in mind while choosing the perfect wedding ring. Read on.

1. Use some of your styles.

First things first, try and understand your taste and approach towards jewellery. Compare the styling of the rings with the jewellery you already have at home. This way, you can gauge your options better. 

Ask yourself a couple of questions first. Are you biased towards white gold or yellow gold? Diamond or sapphire? Do you want something traditional or something trendy and brand-new in the market? 

Figure out your choice based on these parameters and choose the perfect engagement ring for your partner. 

2. Set a budget.

The thing that determines your style is fixing an appropriate budget. It shouldn’t be so that you have completely fallen in love with one of the rings, but you can’t afford it. 

Instead of burning a bigger hole in your pockets than expected or facing disappointment after settling on another ring, you should just determine a budget post evaluating your choices. 

This way, you will glance through your rings that fit both your taste and your budget.

3. Evaluate the diamond accurately.

Once you pick out the couple of rings that you like, time to evaluate their authenticity and quality. Diamonds are subcategorised according to their quality and can be told apart based on the 4 critical C’s. They are as follows:

  • Cut: This factor depends entirely on the jewel cutter used to cut the diamond in question. A well-cut diamond essentially offers brilliant internal reflection, giving the diamond a good shine.  
  • Colour: Diamond colouration grading ranges from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow). Choose a colour grade as per your taste.
  • Clarity: This is the measure of the number of imperfections on the diamond surface. Logically, the lesser the imperfections, the better the quality of the diamond. The grading system for quality is as follows:  IF (Internally flawless), VVS (very very slightly included), VS ( Very slightly included), S (Slightly included), and I (Included)
  • Carat: It refers to the weight of the diamond. As the carat value increases, the weight of the stone increases, along with the price. 

4.  Shop Together

Shopping with your partner is always encouraged when choosing your engagement ring. 

This is because the ring will be an amalgamation of both your choices, adding a greater touch of personalization to the ring.

Wrapping up.

Selecting a wedding ring is an easy task if you know what you want. Go through the above points for a  much more efficient engagement ring shopping experience. 

After all, these rings are one of the greatest symbols of your love, and the choice of rings must reflect that. 

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