Do you know when WhatsApp’s disappearing messages feature work and when it does not?

Most of us spend our free time and quality time on WhatsApp. Still, sometimes we are not available to check WhatsApp, so what will we do in this scenario to check our message or inform the sender that we are not available at this particular time.

In this blog, you will find the complete solution! As we know that WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, has added a new option of its disappearing messages feature.

With the new features of WhatsApp, users have an excellent opportunity to turn on disappearing messages by default. But keep in mind that this is an optional feature, not a mandatory one. When the option is enabled, all new one-on-one conversations will disappear at the specific duration you specify.

In WhatsApp’s disappearing messages feature, one more thing is interesting when creating a group chat. The company has added a new option that allows users to toggle the groups they make.

Apart from the current choice of 7 days, WhatsApp is also adding two more lengths for disappearing messages: 24 hours and 90 days. However, this feature of disappearing messages may not work at all times. Below are some new WhatsApp features you need to know, so continue reading to learn more.

What will happen if you cannot open WhatsApp within the time limit?

If you cannot open WhatsApp during the next 24 hours, seven days, or 90 days, then the received message will be lost. However, the message preview may still appear in alerts until WhatsApp opens.

What will happen if you reply to a WhatsApp message containing a quote from the original message?

This feature won’t work if you reply to a message that quotes another message. It means that if you are responding to a disappearing message, the quoted text may remain in the chatbox after the time limit you specified.

Will the message vanish if a disappearing message forwards to a chat that doesn’t allow disappearing messages?

This WhatsApp’s disappearing features will not work in the forwarded conversation because if another user forwards it to a chat with disappearing messages turned off.

If a user backs up communication before it erases?

If you take backup for your WhatsApp chat, all disappeared messages will be removed.

Before the communication destroy, a screenshot can take?

Before it vanishes, the fading chat message is forwarded or screenshotted. Alternatively, before the message disappears, a photo is taken with a camera or other equipment. Then, the content of the vanished message will copy.

WhatsApp’s disappearing feature will not work if you copy the conversation and save it from the disappearing message before it disappears.

Note:  WhatsApp’s disappearing new feature is optional; it will not affect or remove your existing chat from the WhatsApp

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