How To Put Time And Energy Into The Planning Of Your Wedding

Are you planning a wedding in Orange County? Add wedding catering in Orange County, wedding venue Orange County, decorator Orange County, refreshments and bar Orange County, flowers Orange County, photographer Orange County and music Orange County to your list. And that is the trick to having a successful wedding, and to not let the preparations stress you out. You need to be super organized. Put aside a few hours in the beginning, with your partner or with your mom, and go over the main things you need to organize. Make a list, make a spreadsheet, and give yourself deadlines. Stick to the deadlines and you will be just fine and have a fab and fantastic wedding. You just need to be diligent and committed to the time you spend.

Wedding planning

So you have sat with your partner or parent and made a wedding list, including a venue, wedding catering company, decorator and more. Now, start going through your list, doing the most important things first. Find a wedding venue, which is the most important pat. This might take phone calls, emails and a few visits. Set aside time for this and try and keep it fun without getting stressed. Then, start looking at wedding caterers. Again, make a few phone calls, send an email or two, and organize a tasting with the caterers you really like. Once you have those decisions made, start with the decor and a theme. If you work methodically through your list, and plan your wedding well, the stress will go and the entire process will be fun and fab. Don’t forget to add invites to your list, seating lists, speeches and even gifts. Lots of people like to give small gifts at their weddings. And of course, set up your own wedding registry.

Wedding timeline

Commit to your wedding timeline and plans that you have made, although of course you need to be a bit flexible here and there. If you are committing an hour a day to planning, do it and do your planning in advance. Once you have the venue and caterers done, you can slowly start choosing a dress, choosing shoes and flowers and accessories and all the fun things. Make sure that both of you are involved in the planning of the wedding, you and your partner, unless one of you is madly busy and the other isnt. Keep it light, keep it fun and remember all the magic happens on the day, although the planning is part of the magic too. 

Wedding ideas

As soon as you know that you are getting married, start scouring through wedding magazines and online wedding sites. Get ideas for your decor, your food and your dress. Get ideas for the suit, for the bridesmaids dresses and for your invites. Keep a wedding file or a scrapbook so you can easily refer to the things you love. Cut out photographs that appeal to you, and menus. And when you need wedding catering Orange County, plan early.

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