Flights between Canada and India resume after five months

There is no explanation for how Coronavirus has brought havoc to people’s lives.  The virus had left no stone unturned, from health problems to travel restrictions. The past few years have seen a growing number of restrictions on travel from many countries. People have become helpless but still, try to deal with the problem.

Travel restrictions were placed by many countries, including Canada, as India saw a rise in cases probably due to the second wave that hit the country in April. As a result, people of all professions and students are restricted from their everyday activities. As a result, the direct flight between India and Canada has been terminated for the past five months, but people are happy that they can resume their normal lifestyle once again now that the direct flight is back.

An air bubble agreement between Canada and India led to the resume of direct flights between the two countries.

Canada and India have an agreement under which Air Canada will offer flights to India as part of the Air Bubble program. A bilateral air bubble agreement exists between 28 countries, including Canada. The largest Canadian airline, Air Canada, has resumed its flight operations in India after suspending them four months ago when the second Covid-19 wave hit the country. The Official Twitter handle of Air Canada also tweeted regarding this to make the audiences aware of the decision.

On Monday evening at 9 p.m., AC 42 (Toronto-Delhi) is scheduled to land at the destination to take passengers back to Toronto on Tuesday.

Following the mandatory protocol is a must

All protocols and precautions related to the COVID-19 situation will be handled by Air Canada, the largest airline in Canada, and the concerned Indian airlines.  As a precautionary measure, it is mandatory for passengers traveling to all provinces of Canada to carry an Rt-PCR test report or Rapid PCR test report before entering any Canadian city.  18 hours before departure time is the maximum time for the test to be administered. According to World Health Organisation(WHO), passenger distancing and all the necessary precautions are mandatory for both airline authorities of both countries and the passengers.

In Delhi, passengers must use the Rapid PCR test center and lounge across Terminal 3 at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. It was it must be noted that  RT PCR tests from any other clinic will not be entertained.  People connected to Different cities also need to get the Rapid PCR test done from Terminal 3 Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. The requirement for Covid-19 adversePeoplereports from a third country no longer exists.

Passengers vaccinated with the following vaccines are allowed to travel to Canada

The Canadian government approves the following covid-19 vaccine list. Therefore, passengers who want to travel to Canada or any Canadian City need to be vaccinated with the next vaccine mentioned in the list.

  • Pfizer-BioNTech Comirnaty ( BNT162b2)
  • AstraZeneca Vaxzevria/COVISHIELD (ChAdOx1-S, AZD1222)
  • Moderna Spikevax (mRNA-1273)
  • Janssen/Johnson & Johnson


People living in both Canada and India cherish the restoration of direct flights between those countries. With the restoration of direct flight services, many people will travel without any hindrances due to the air bubble argument.  To enjoy the direct flight service, probably after five months, everyone must ensure that all safety precautions are taken, and no one is at any risk of spreading the disease. As a result, the Rt-PCR report must be negative to reduce the risk of covid spread. The safety of every passenger and higher authority must be the top priority.

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