Useful Tips For Becoming A Professional Choir Leader

Being a choir leader of a choir concert in Los Angeles is a privilege that most people never have the chance of having. Whatever type of choir you are planning to lead, it is important to get the financial foundation right or you can end out of pocket. Even if you are lucky enough to get an organization that funds you, you are never going to get a black check so you will need to go through the budgeting process with whoever is footing the bill. Here are some additional tips you should know if you want to become a choir leader. 

Work out your fixed costs 

Whether you have one singer or fifty, some of the expenses associated with your choir will remain the same. Your accompanist’s fee, rehearsal venue, and any sound equipment you will use will need some money to acquire. These are your fixed overhead costs and you should ensure that these expenses can be covered regardless of the success and popularity of your choir. 

Do not forget that equipment will wear out and break down over time. Anything you regularly use will have some lifespan and may need replacing over time and you will need money for replacement as well. When calculating your fixed costs, it is important to include a contingency that will cover replacement and repairs. 

Work out the per-head costs 

There will be other costs in addition to your fixed costs and these are the per-head costs. These costs will depend on the number of choir members you will have performing in your classical music concerts. The most obvious example is the sheet music purchase or hire, but there could be other types of costs that will keep growing as your choir grows. Transport, refreshments at rehearsals, folders, transport and so on. It is important to know whether these costs will be covered in the subscription or fee your choir members pay. 

You also need to know whether you will rely on choir members to pay these costs or whether you will cater for everything. If you want your singers to pay for these expenses, you will need to be upfront about this.

Think through any additional costs 

When you are caught up with a project’s enthusiasm, it is easy to postpone and assume that you will deal with it later. Unless you are a wealthy person with a lot of money, you need to think about the financial implications of your project. Even inconsequential costs could accumulate over time and spell the difference between an expensive hobby that cannot be sustained and financial viability. 

Value your time 

Whether you are planning for a major choir concert in Los Angeles or just improving your singing skills, it is important to utilize every minute you have. Running a choir will require a lot of time and work and most of it happens outside the performances and rehearsals. It is important to be realistic about the hours you are going to spend on your projects and work out how much money you need to be paid.