A Short Guide On Buying Clothes For Your Newborn

Planning a whole wardrobe for the newborn baby can be a tad overwhelming as parents tend to make sure they cover every single detail. Expecting mothers may already have listed out a whole collection buying clothes before the arrival. Whether it’s onesies, baby jackets or socks, parents need to understand that the first and foremost priority is to keep the baby warm, safe and comfy. And to help with listing out the right baby apparel, this article highlights some of the most important things to consider. There are also a few recommendations for new parents to buy to avoid unnecessary clothing. 

Before Buying Baby Clothes: 

It’s easy to get confused thinking about what the baby should wear. But there’s no need to spend a lot of time contemplating on that matter, at least not for the first few months. Checkout the points to consider before heading out to fill the baby’s wardrobe:

  • Parents, inlaws, relatives, and friends will probably get clothes as presents for the baby. So there’s no need to spend a lot of money to dress the newborn infant, and the gifts can let parents go for at least a few months. 
  • Before buying the dress, babies overgrow, so consider the height and growth factor. Go for simple one-piece clothing that wraps around the baby as it is easier to take off or cover them. Plus, it’s easier for the moms to breastfeed or change the undies without removing the clothes every time. 
  • There’s a common misconception that newborns don’t need as many clothes, but the reality is different. Babies will make a mess always. They puke, they soil the diapers, plus a whole lot of other messes that need to be cleaned up most of the time. And with this cleansing, babies will always need a new set of clothes. 
  • Safety first, as always, means the dresses should not have buttons, ties or other removable fittings or extensions that can pose a threat to the baby’s safety. Avoid all items that may lead to any form of choking incident
  • Don’t shop clothes by age as age-specific for baby clothes in Australia vary widely among different brands. Don’t shop by age for at least a specific time and instead, use the baby’s weight as a factor. This makes for a smarter measurement when choosing baby clothes. 

Common Baby Clothes That Every Parent Should Consider Buying: 

Parents must be on the lookout for suitable materials, clothes for every season in Australia and their comfortability for the baby. Here are some common recommendations: 

Onesies: It’s safe to say that Onesies is what makes up for about a majority of baby clothes as they are reliable and easy to put on. Not only will they do an excellent job in keeping the skin protected, but they will also allow the baby to adjust to having an additional layer of clothing as time goes on. Onesies are also a boon for restless newborns as it is easier to take off for a diaper change or cleanup. 

Footies and Pajamas: These are for the nights to keep the baby snug and comfortable. Make sure to buy fabrics such as cotton or silk that are soft so that they don’t irritate the skin during sleep. 

For Chilly Nights: A set of baby jackets or hoodies will keep the baby warm as the air gets cold. Don’t forget to buy a bunch of mittens, socks and caps as an added protection against the cold.

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