‘Harkara’ Movie Makes Its Exclusive OTT Debut

Ready for an enthralling cinematic experience as ‘Harkara’ makes its exclusive debut on the OTT platform on October 1, 2023. This unique film, directed by Ram Arun Castro, weaves a captivating narrative spanning two eras—1870s and 2023. Join us as we delve into the intriguing tale, its exceptional technical crew, and much more.

Experience ‘Harkara’ – Now Streaming on Aha Tamil!

Now streaming on Aha Tamil, ‘Harkara,’ starring Kaali Venkat and Ram Arun Castro, originally released in theaters on August 25, eliciting a range of reviews from audiences and critics alike.

Chronicles of Time: ‘Harkara’ Unveils a Captivating Tale Across Eras

Directed by Ram Arun Castro, ‘Harkara’ is a compelling tale that unfolds across two distinct time periods, the 1870s and 2023. In this intriguing narrative, Ram Arun Castro portrays the role of the postman in the historical segments, while Kaali Venkat embodies the character set in the present timeline. The film traces the evolution of the postal service, weaving together the stories of the first postman with contemporary times. ‘Harkara’ is believed to be inspired by true events, infused with a touch of fiction to create a captivating cinematic experience.

Crafting ‘Harkara’: A Stellar Technical Crew Behind the Scenes

The film boasts a talented technical team, featuring two accomplished cinematographers: Philip R Sundar, responsible for capturing the historical segments, and Lokesh Elangovan, in charge of the contemporary scenes. ‘Harkara’ benefits from the skillful editing of Dani Charles and the musical compositions of Ramshanker, with the soundtrack rumored to include a total of four captivating songs.

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