How to Choose a safe toy

Kids are like angels to their parents. Whenever these little angels get presents from their mom or dad, the smile shown on their faces could bring endless reassurance. However, sometimes these presents could bring some hazards to your baby if not chosen carefully. We’ve all seen or heard from TV news or newspaper that some children got injured or severely hurt by playing with some toys, and some even dead. None of us wants to see things like that happen again. Therefore, we must make a wise selection when we are about to buy toys as presents. Here, we, specialists from TOBBI, a professional kids car brand, have several tips for you.

Sources of Injuries from Toys

If we are to find solutions to stop injuries from playing with toys, we should have a thorough understanding of the source of these injuries, only when we know the reason why can we come up with how.

Usually, before we decide to buy a toy, we ought to check a few information about it:

  1. Read the label. When you are reading the label, pay attention to the material, warning and age recommendation, etc. This information would tell you almost anything about the toy itself. If this toy contains toxic materials or any element dangerous, quit buying it.
  2. Mind the size. If your kid is very little that still in a stage where he or she tends to put anything reachable into his or her mouth, then you must pay special attention to the size of this toy, for it may cause choking.
  3. Check all accessories. We must check carefully to see if all edges are smooth and all accessories like buttons and other kinds of stuff are placed tightly. Unsmooth edges would hurt kids and children of all ages would drop toys countless times while they are playing, if accessories are not strong enough, they may fall apart and be swallowed by your kids, which may also cause choking.
  4. Avoid too loud and noisy toys. Very loud noises could cause a hearing issue.
  5. Clean the toy you just bought before you give it to your kid. When toys are in stores, customers would touch them every day, and many bacterias exist on the outer box or fluffy stuffed toys, etc. If you order a toy online or at a store, before you give it to your kid, please clean it with disinfection water, especially in such a special period of Covid-19 pandemic.

How to Choose a Safe Toy

If you want to choose a safe toy for your precious kid, then here we have some suggestions:

  1. Bear in mind the sources of injuries may be caused by toys
  2. Choose the right toy for the right age
  3. A toy can be relevantly safe when under certain supervision
  4. Recalled toys should all be destroyed

Choosing the Right Toys for the Right Age

Kids in different life stages have different pursuits. As for actual age, when they are very young, let’s say, 3, they could walk but not that steadily, in this stage they are curious about anything because there are so many things alien to them. They could probably lick or swallow the toy, so this toy must be nontoxic, like lead-free, and sturdy, so they won’t e able to tear it apart so easily or bite down one piece of it. But when they are older, for example, like 7, then maybe they would know more and have more confidence. We could hand over some power and freedom for them to explore. For example, we could choose some toys like electric ATVs or trucks- much fun but the speed is not crazy. After a few years when they reach 12, half-grown-ups they are, more options available for us! The point is, age is merely the least rule for choosing a proper toy, when we are to make a decision, it always goes more complicated. What’s tricky is there is cognitive age other than actual age. A 7 years old kid might have superior cognition than his peers. In that case, we might be able to choose some other toys correspondently. But, under any circumstance can we give kids full freedom to play with toys, unexpected events happen any minute, there’s no 100% safe and no 100% dangerous. If given certain supervision, your kid will be much safer.

Important Things About Recalled Toys

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has a goal to protect consumers and families from dangerous toys. Its rules and guidelines are to ensure products are safe and issue recalls of products if a problem is found. Toys are recalled due to plenty of reasons, usually including unsafe lead levels, choking or fire hazards, or other potentially dangerous elements. Recalled toys should be destroyed immediately. If your kid has been exposed or may have been exposed to poisonous toys, please take your kid to the hospital.


All in all, our kids are very vulnerable and need our attentive care. All we ever wanted is to give them a cheerful and carefree childhood, to fulfill this target, we need to pay more attention to everyday activities. Toys play a quite important role all along with kids’ life, so paying special attention to toys is of necessity. We must read labels prudently, mind the size of it and check all parts modestly. Before giving it to our kids, we must clean it so to prevent bacterias. It is a good idea to get a toy by yourself, but it might be a better idea to select a toy with your kid and take a few minutes to consider their opinions, sometimes their cognition might surpass your understanding.

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