How To Spot A Fake Pair Of Yeezy Boost 350 V1

How to spot a fake pair of Yeezy Boost 350 V1 shoes? When it comes to looking for and buying the best sneaker these days, you need to know what to look for. Here are some tips on spotting fake pairs of Yeezy Boost 350 V1.

Tips on spotting fake pairs of Yeezy Boost 350 V1

First, you have to understand that not all knockoffs are created equally. If you’re trying to save money by getting a low-cost fake pair of shoes, you should expect to get what you pay for. Don’t expect to get a pair that feels really good just because it’s cheap. If it feels cheap, chances are it’s going to be too. To avoid wasting time and money on knockoffs, be careful in your choice of brand and model.

Fake ones have cheaper materials.

Secondly, if you really want a really good pair, don’t just settle for imitations. It is true that there are many knockoffs out there, but that doesn’t mean that real ones can’t be found. The problem lies more with fake ones as compared to real ones. Real ones are usually crafted from high-quality materials and will be able to withstand the test of time. On the other hand, fake ones are  made of lower grade materials that can degrade through time and exposure to the environment.

If you really want a good pair of sneakers, you shouldn’t settle for imitations either. It might seem like a tempting offer because it will save you a few bucks. But when it comes down to the facts, you’ll be sorely disappointed. 

Real ones have better features.

Real ones will come with high-quality straps and cushions, a better grip, better cushioning, support, and many other features which will allow you to walk, jog, dance, or basically use them anywhere without having any issues. Well, firstly, you shouldn’t be able to feel any difference when wearing one. The fake ones won’t be able to give you any cushion, shape, or weight. They will also feel quite slippery compared to real ones.

Check the logo

Another, you should be able to see the logo on the shoe. Usually, if you have a retailer nearby, you should be able to see this logo. You can also check it on the official website of the shoe if you can so you can verify its authenticity.

Look for small scratches on the material.

One of the ways you can tell if a pair is fake is by looking for small scratches on the material. This happens when manufacturers cut corners, and the material would not be as durable as it should be. There are genuine Yeezy Boost 350s out there, but if you see small tears or scratches, there’s a big chance that it’s fake. Now that you know how to spot a fake pair of Yeezy Boosts, you can start saving up for that authentic pair.

Shop at stores that have return policies

In order to avoid paying a lot of money for an imitation, always try to shop in stores that have return policies. If you’re getting them wholesale, check out their prices. If they’re marked up, then chances are, they’re replicas. You don’t want to spend a thousand dollars on a pair when you get to find out that they cost only eighty bucks each. In order to get the best deal when it comes to the prices of replica shoes, make sure you shop at stores that have return policies. Once you’ve found your store, start checking out their inventory of products.

How to verify the legitimacy of the products?

Those are the tips on how to spot a fake pair of Yeezy Boost 350 V1. Just remember that if you’re looking for the real deal, be sure to invest in those which are made of high-quality materials and have a brand official stamp. You can even visit sites such as and verify the legitimacy of their products before purchasing them. So go out there and start doing your research. It’s the only way to avoid the purchase of fake pairs of this popular sneaker.

Aside from knowing the different prices of fake pairs of this popular sneaker, you also need to be aware of where to get them. This is also very important if you’re planning to get replicas. Make sure you do your homework first before making purchases. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with an uncomfortable pair of shoes that won’t go down well with any occasion.

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