Importance Of Having An Annual HVAC Maintenance Plan

A metropolitan home is incomplete without an air conditioning system. It is an integral part of the house because it ensures comfortable indoor living for you and your loved ones. But are you genuinely trying to keep it in its best shape?

Even if you have got a new HVAC installed, regular maintenance is something you should not skip. This may be hard to grasp but just imagine that you bought an amazing and expensive car. As you have spent a lot of money on it you would go to all lengths to protect it from damages, from the very first day.

The same holds for your HVAC system. Be it new or old, stick to your air conditioning maintenance plans. One simple way to ensure that you are not missing out on any of the crucial maintenance task lists, make an annual HVAC maintenance plan and hire the best appliance repair services as soon as you spot warning signs of damage. Get it printed and paste it at a spot where you can easily see it and make changes when need be.

Here are some good reasons you need to invest your time and energies in making and sticking to the plan.

1.      You Spend Less On Repairs And Untimely Replacements

Almost nobody out there likes to spend money on repairs and untimely replacements, especially when it comes to a costly investment such as an HVAC system. Here is a less difficult thing to do, change the air filters when you are supposed to, fix the damaged wiring, and clean the ducts before they cause any serious consequences. Regular cleaning and timely minor repairs (many of them are simple DIY projects) can save you from frequent repair calls from a team of experienced HVAC technicians.

2.      Cut Down The Energy Costs

It is common knowledge that an older and deteriorating HVAC system is not energy efficient. What most of us don’t know is that a poorly maintained system is no different. When the system is not running at its peak efficiency, it will consume a lot more energy to maintain a consistent indoor air temperature. You may not be able to identify this while you are chilling in your living room but it is surely going to affect you when you get the energy bills at the end of every month.

3.      Avoid HVAC Catastrophe

Things have been going well and so you took the luxury to avoid regular upkeep. According to Murphy’s law, things go wrong mostly when you are not hoping them to. The very thing you don’t want to happen is a broken or poorly cooling HVAC system in the summer nights. Well, you can avoid such catastrophes and unpleasant experiences by paying attention to the regular upkeep. If you notice any unusual sounds or frequent cycles, address the issue. Seek professional help when you are not able to find any solution.

4.      The Equipment Lasts Longer

Let’s go back to the example of an expensive car. If you are taking full measures to protect it from damage, it is more likely to last long (accidents are unfortunate exceptions but your HVAC system has little to no chances of being on a road you see!). So the homeowners who are good at replacing air filters, keeping the ventilation adequate, and protect the outdoor units from debris, add years of life to the equipment. Be smart today to reap the benefits today and tomorrow.

5.      Keep Your Indoor Air Healthy All Year Long

Indoor air quality is vital for the health and safety of the residents, particularly if someone is suffering from respiratory tract disorders. If your HVAC system is not working properly, the air quality is going to suffer.

As the air flows through the clogged duct system, it gets saturated with dust, debris, and mold spores. Such air can irritate eyes, worsen the asthma systems, and may cause skin infections. Stick to the maintenance schedule to avoid ruining your routines with sick leaves.

6.      Avoid Moldy Smells

I made this a separate heading because this deserves your attention. Moldy smells are not only funky and unpleasant but they can lead to other serious health conditions. If mold spores settle in hot and humid spaces in your house, they can start to grow and affect the safety of your house. As soon as you see or observe any signs of mold, call in a mold inspection professional.

7.      Keep Your Loved One’s Safe From Gas Leakages

Faulty HVAC systems can produce toxic gases that prove to be fatal. It is a greater challenge when the heating and cooling units are separate. Protect your loved ones from carbon monoxide poisoning and other safety hazards.

8.      Keep Electrical Hazards At Bay

Frayed wires are a risk we only get to know after something terrible has happened already. Home experts suggest annual inspection and maintenance to fix the problems in their early stages.

If you are too occupied to do it on your own, you can request a residential HVAC service to get all of these above-mentioned benefits.

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