Important questions you need to ask your therapist

Therapists in Newcastle are the right people to help you manage your mental and
emotional health. You should ensure you find the right therapist.
You need to ask important questions to vet anyone before choosing your therapist. Knowing the
right questions to ask will guide you to ensure you find the right match for your unique needs.

What type of license do you have?

Make sure you are working with a fully trained and licensed therapist. It is crucial to confirm that
the therapist you are considering has the appropriate training and licensing to help you with your
condition. There are different types of therapists and licenses; choose someone with a license
that relates to what you need help with.

How long have you been actively practising?

It is good to ask your provider how long they have been working as a therapist. You don’t need
to rule out therapists that have less experience, however these questions will help you find
quality counselling services.

Are you experienced in treating patients with issues similar to mine?

You want to consider your needs when asking your therapist questions. A lot of therapists have
experience in treating issues like depression and anxiety. Some may have limited experience in
treating other mental health conditions. You should choose a professional who has skills in
treating the concerns or conditions you are seeking help for – whether that is for grief
counselling, anxiety, or mental illness.

Do you offer online services?

It is getting more common for therapists to provide online services. Online services can be
convenient to a lot of clients, especially people with a busy schedule. Make sure you add this
question to your list if you want virtual services.

When are you available?

Keep in mind that some therapists Newcastle have more than standard office hours. A lot of
them will accommodate less conventional times. You should confirm with your therapists to
ensure they provide services at a convenient time for you.

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