Introduce to Indian influencers on Twitter

Social media, as we all know, plays an important role in our daily lives. Everyone likes to watch them and learn new things from them, whether it’s an entrepreneur, a celebrity, professional experts. Bloggers and influencers on social media are running the world today. They are receiving so much recognition and popularity from all over the world.

Meaning of Twitter

A user profile on Twitter is a Twitter account. Users can share their thoughts, photos, news, details, or ideas in 140 characters or less. These profiles are usually public – meaning that everyone has access to what users have tweeted or retweeted – but they can be made private as well. Undoubtedly, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in India.

Our top influencers on Twitter

How can we recognize what the “top influencers look like? Is it within their reach? Their number of disciples? Their involvement? Let me answer that for you before we share our list. “I ran a “Twitter only” search for the top influencers for different industries. Travel, Fashion, etc. Mind you, within their bio, all of these individuals are those with the different industries in which they work. For example, I looked for top influencers Political, Acters & Cricketer, etc. Only for people who have an Interest in “Political bloggers” in their word. Of course, it’s important to remember that influencers do not just stick to their niche a lot of the time. They can use it for multiple things if they have a large platform – for example, food and travel often go hand in hand or Health and beauty. All results were ordered by me according to engagement and viola! The top 10 influencers per industry, I discovered. Additionally, to ensure that the emphasis is only on content, we have omitted political figures from the results. So let’s take a peek at India’s top influencers, without further ado. We arrange the best Twitter influencers details provide for you. On your Twitter account, you can follow them, catch their fashion style, and follow their advice and tips.

  1. Narendra Modi Followers: 45 440 030
  2. Shah Rukh Khan Followers: 37 381 757
  3. Amitabh Bachchan Followers: 36 163 805
  4. Salman Khan Followers: 35 865 568
  5. Akshay Kumar Followers: 29 421 558
  6. Virat Kholi Followers: 28 192 009
  7. Sachin Tendulkar Followers: 28 136 227
  8. PMO India Followers: 27 904 225
  9. Deepika Padukone Followers: 25 747 800
  10. Hrithik Roshan Followers: 25 153 723

People learn to be tech-friendly quickly to reap the benefits of this trend and make their lives convenient, as technology is making inroads into almost every industry today. India is home to many technological geniuses who, with their unique inventions, have gained global recognition. Indians are increasingly becoming fascinated by the miraculous forces of technology. The nation is experiencing a rising tribe of Twitter-friendly influencers who share their information and experiences on social media.


These are some of the finest Twitter influencers you can follow in India. We hope we’ve provided you with the best knowledge about influencers and bloggers on Twitter in India. We hope, too, that you enjoyed reading this.