iOS 14: All the new features that suit your requirements

Apple has released its latest mobile operating system, iOS 14. The new iOS update includes a series of interface-level changes, including the App library and redesigned widgets. The iOS 14 update comes with support for Picture-in-Picture (PiP), which allows you to play videos above your screen. Apple has also brought an advanced Siri that no longer has a full-screen interface and can bring widgets to any of your screens. Additionally, iOS 14 comes with a Translate app that is a close competitor to Google Translate, which provides side-by-side translations in two different languages. The latest update to iOS also includes a new messaging interface, which will consist of new Memoji with face mask support.

iOS 14 compatible iPhone models

The iOS 14 update is available for download on all iPhone models that are compatible with iOS 13. This means that the new iOS version will work with the iPhone as the older iPhone 6s and the latest as iPhone SE (2020). Also, the full range of iOS 14 certified devices includes the iPhone SE (2020), iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE

iOS 14 new features

One of the most significant changes iOS 14 brings is iOS 13 and the introduction of the App library view in all previous iOS versions, which automatically groups multiple devices on one, one screen. The experience on a home screen is similar to different folders. This is more than just having a folder; however, this is more than having a folder because you will find apps sorted into groups – just once you reach the end of your home screen pages.

Announcing the visualization of the app library on iOS 14, senior vice president of software engineering at Apple Craig Federighi said that there is an easy way to hide out pages.

There is a “jiggle mode” that allows you to hide various pages from your home screen and transfer them to the App Library view. The mode appears when you press the dots in the edit view below one of your home screens pages. In general, the App Store experience seems closer to how you get an app drawer on an Android device- but certainly offers some Apple smartness.

iOS 14 brings the app library as well as redesigned widgets that can be placed on any of your home screen pages. There is also a widget gallery that you can bring to the edited view at the top of your screen by pressing the plus button from the top-left side of your screen. You can also adjust the widget size with your current device icons and directories to customize them. Apple has also placed a smart stack app that displays different widgets during the day.

iOS 14 provides support for picture-in-picture

For video lovers, iOS 14 provides support for picture-in-picture that allows you to access the app on your iPhone while watching a video or chatting on a FaceTime call. This experience seems closer to the way PiP operates on devices running on Android. However, there is pinch-to-zoom support, and the PiP view on top of the Apple device also works. To hear the audio of the video, you can swipe the PiP window to the side.

Also, the latest iOS brings Siri to a new view, which appears at the bottom of your display – rather than occupying the entire screen of your device.

Apple has also radically enhanced the Siri experience. The company says that the voice assistant now has 20 times more fact than three years ago. There is also help for more complex problems, such as how does an electric car work? Siri has also been upgraded with the ability to send audio messages by recording audio from your iPhone, and you do not need to open the Voice Memo app. There is also a device on dictation support.

Latest translation software

Likewise, Apple has inserted in the latest translation software that works similar to Google Translate and enables users to translate through languages. The app initially supports 11 languages, namely English, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Arabic, and Russian. You won’t find any Indic language at launch, of course – not even Hindi.

20 new emoji hair and headwear

The iOS 14 update will also bring new messaging experiences to your iPhone with the ability to pin any of your favorite conversations. New emoji stickers and 20 new emoji hair and headwear designs are also available. Apple has also given your Memoji character a face mask option that you can add.

Apple Maps also received an update to iOS 14 with a customized guide. Cycling assistance is also available and will initially be limited to New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco’s Bay Area, as well as Beijing and Shanghai. Additionally, Apple Maps offers a new EV routing feature designed specifically for electric vehicle owners.

Gives you a stand-alone experience

The latest iOS also has an updated app store that supports app clips to reduce clutter on your iPhone and gives you a stand-alone experience without installing the entire app. App Clips work with App Clips code, which is similar to the traditional QR code. Developers can also include an app clip code in a QR code or an NFC tag.

Apple has now introduced an updated Find My to find items and accessories from third parties that are part of the new Find My Network accessory system. There is also a new Safari with Privacy Report feature, which allows you to see which cross-site trackers have been blocked. The browser also includes password monitoring to help users locate saved passwords that may be included in the data breach. Additionally, there is built-in translation support for webpages.

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