iPhone’s Birthday: 15 Ways how Apple have switched you from Android Phones

As compared to other gadgets, iPhone has changed the world a lot. There have been innovations every year in iPhones. Some people think that iPhone has not innovated much when we compare its usage, but in the past 15 years, it has remained above other smartphones. iPhone has always been an initiator in development in many ways. Here is a list of trends started by Apple with its head product.

1. iPhone is the first phone to take touch screen mainstream –

The first phone to take resistive touch screen mainstream was the iPhone of Apple. In 2007 Steve Jobs discovered the first iPhone. You can interact with fingers as it is a wide-screen iPod with touch controls, a phone, and a web browser all in one device. Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung has also started using the idea after the iPhone.

2. Multi-touch display adopted –

Multi-touch is an additional feature with other features such as pinch-to-zoom, pinch and rotate in the first iPhone.

3. App store –

The reason that people prefer iPhone is because it has an app for everything. In 2008 app store was introduced by Apple with 500 apps in it. Later on, after the success of the app store, Google introduced the play store for Android users, and Blackberry introduced the store for its smartphones.

4. Notch: The cutout display in the same form has been copied by one and all –

Notch was introduced by Apple and has become a trend. iPhone also launched faceID and replaced the touchID finger scanner. Some other brands like Samsung, Nokia also introduced notch. They added dual front camera sensors, face id sensors, etc.

5. Face Id – To make the phone more secure.

Though Apple was not the first company to launch face id to unlock the phone, it was standard for other smartphones. Every other brand after apple included face unlocking in Android phones.

6. Enter forceTouch tech –

In iPhone 6S, Apple introduced a larger and more apt vibration motor to mimic click feedback. To offer a more premium experience, other brands also adopted the concept and started giving a similar type of vibration motor in their smartphones.

7. Fingerprint scanner –

Keep your phone secure at your fingertips. Touch was introduced with the iPhone 5S, and it wasn’t the first company to launch it. However, it certainly changed the smartphone world as Samsung also introduced a fingerprint scanner in Galaxy Note 4.

8. Headphone Jack removal –

With headphone Jack removal, air pods came into trend. Apple became the first company to remove the headphone jack from iPhone 7. After a year, other brands, including Android, started removing the headphone jack.

9. eSIM –

In 2018 Apple introduced e-sim and was the last to jump on the dual sim trend. However, with the trend becoming popular, other company’s started offering e-sim support.

10. Gesture Control –

Gesture control was launched in iPhone X, but it is not new. Earlier, Blackberry and Palm have similar features in them. Google also adopted the same quality after Apple for Android phones. Nowadays, every phone has Gesture Control support.

11. Portrait mode: To make photography better.

In 2016, Apple introduced the portrait mode feature in iPhone 7 plus. From then, it became the most asked feature in smartphones. People love the Portrait mode feature on their phones.

12. Dual camera setup –

A dual camera is seen in every smartphone nowadays. The feature came forward when Apple introduced a dual-camera setup in iPhone 8 plus, which helps take beautiful pictures and give a fantastic experience to the users.

13. 3D avatars and emoji –

Among OEMs, Memoji and 3D avatars became famous. For example, Samsung introduced AREmoji, and Xiaomi introduced Mimoji.

14. User privacy –

Apple phones have a privacy option to secure and be safer for users. In the latest version, apple offers the best quality privacy and security. In the privacy option, one has to access app permission to use, and secondly, it has a feature that shows the apps using cameras and microphones. Android 12 has a similar quality of privacy.

15. AirDrop – To make file sharing safer.

AirDrop is the most convenient way to share files between Apple devices. Other brands and Android did the same for years to get the same feature but could not do so.

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