Is It Worth Buying A Hitachi Refrigerators?

Hitachi, a Japanese electronics company, has already made a mark globally with their new-age electronic and home appliances like TV, air conditioners, and Hitachi Refrigerators. One of the striking features of Hitachi appliances is their value for money features.

The reason for buying Hitachi is that their appliances are reliable, advanced, and offer excellent service. Here are some of the beneficial features of Hitachi Refrigerators-

Advanced Fan Air jet flow offers complete cooling

Hitachi refrigerators come with advanced dual air jet flow technology for cooling. This is a new-age cooling technique that offers all-around cooling throughout the refrigerator. The dual fan air jet flow ensures that each compartment receives an equal amount of cooling breeze with the help of two separate fans.

Besides that, the cooling air travels back and forth inside the refrigerator to keep the freshness and nutritional value of the foods intact. With this advanced technology, Hitachi refrigerators offer effortless cooling even on hot summer days.

 Multiple modes for effortless cooling

The multiple modes available with each model allow you to ensure the food remains fresh. For example, there is a vegetable mode to store the fruits and vegetables properly. The chiller mode is ideal for storing meat and other frozen foods, fish, and other dairy products. Besides that, the advanced Aero care mechanism with moisture guard technology keeps the moisture and nutritional level of the stored foods intact.

Freezer compartment with hybrid cooling technology                       

The freezer compartment of the Hitachi refrigerator models is designed as a hybrid cooling-enabled freezer section. The freezer receives a particular kind of cooling to ensure the meat, fish, and frozen foods remain fresh. In addition, the freezer has an aluminum plate that maintains the temperature from -1 degrees C to -5 degrees C. This rapid cooling and frozen temperature ensure proper freezing, minus the water crystals. Hence, the foods remain fresh. This unique cooling technology also prevents the damage caused by water crystals and keeps the freezer in proper condition.

You can customize the interior of your refrigerator

This Japanese appliance brand offers customizable refrigerators which can comply with unique demands for each household and family. The new-age Hitachi models come with bottom freezer compartments with an open top. Such compartments are easy to reach and easy to manage. The glass shelves are easy to rearrange according to the foods you are keeping inside the compartment. The cases are bigger for double-door models and can accommodate larger storage components for larger amounts of food. These are also easier to operate, and one can open the cases by just sliding them back and forth.

Additionally, there are also larger door pockets to store bottles and condiments. These pockets come in distinct wave shapes and are adjustable to ensure you can store multiple kinds of beverages, including wines and soft drinks.

The refrigerators are eco-friendly

Hitachi wants to offer green appliances which ensure that the environment is not harmed by harmful gas emissions. Most of the latest refrigerator models come with eco-friendly CFC and HCFC-free R600A refrigerants. It is less harmful and does not impact the environment with harmful gas emissions. Besides that, it also does not harm the ozone layer and has no contribution to global warming.

The Hitachi refrigerators also come with energy-saving LED bulbs. The bulbs are smaller and thinner in size and emit less heat. Hence, they consume less electricity and offer optimal cooling.

 Advanced technological features

Most refrigerators come with advanced technology features; The basic models often come with electronic displays to offer comprehensive information. The modern refrigerators, like multi-door models, have a touch screen controller and water dispenser at once.

Additionally, the refrigerators also come with the latest filters to remove the bacteria and harmful microorganisms from the stored food. It keeps the food hygienic for a longer time and controls odor to maintain freshness.

Durable models

Each of the Hitachi refrigerator models is reliable and lasts for a long time. The outer portion is built with premium plastic and metal to ensure the refrigerator remains stable and does not lose its color or shine for a long time. On the other hand, the inner compartments and shelves are made of tempered glass. Hence, the shelves can withstand damages and are not breakable. Besides that, the shelves can also handle heavier storage compartments easily.

Hitachi offers a diverse collection of refrigerators, including double, door, multi-door, and French-door models. Here is a model that you can check out-

Hitachi R-WB490PND9 451L Triple Door Refrigerator

  • Frost Free Inverter model
  • Capacity 451-litre Inverter Dual Fan Cooling technology
  • Touch Screen Display

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