Landscape Design Principles That You Need To Know

Landscaping courses in Adelaide help us to make use of landscaping and conserve the environment while improving the curb appeal of our properties. We will outline the top principles of landscape design that you need to know.

Follow the regulating line

Regulating line brings out the idea that an element of architecture or a distinctive landscape feature can generate an imaginary line. This line helps organize and connect the design. E.g., in laying out your backyard, you can project the lines of the building addition into the space and align the wooden walkway and the swimming pool with the lines. The result will be cohesive and orderly.

Get the proportions right using the golden ratio

Some rules help us refine the design. The golden ratio is one of these rules. This is the ratio of proportion that has been observed in everything ever built by great architectures – from the Greek Parthenon to the Pyramids at Giza. It has been used throughout history and it is still being taught when you do a diploma of landscaping.


We create shape by an outline that encloses a space. The form is the three-dimensional mass of the shape. During landscaping, form is found in both plants and landscapes. It is the dominant visual element that organizes the landscape. It determines the style of the landscape or garden.

The form of plant beds, structures and garden ornaments determine the overall form theme of the landscape or garden. Formal, geometric forms include squares, circles, and polygons. Informal forms are organic edges, meandering lines, and fragmented edges.


Landscaping courses Adelaide also teach about colour. Colour in plants and hardscapes adds variety and interest to the landscape. It is the most conspicuous element when a landscape. It is the focus of most property owners. It is the most temporary element and can last just a few weeks for some plants.

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