Mathematics and physics not compulsory for engineering said AICTE

Are you people aware of the latest declaration made by AICTE? AICTE is a statutory body and a part of the national council that makes several decisions or amendments regarding technical education. But several criticisms have arisen. This news includes the maximum number of non-supporters and few supporters. AICTE has realized that physics and mathematics can be avoided in the subject list of higher secondary. Do you also think mathematics and physics not compulsory for engineering? But those students from the science stream are interested in gaining deep knowledge of physics and mathematics, and they can continue with it. But earlier, these two subjects used to be treated as mandatory subjects for class 12. But now we can notice that parents, students, and teachers stress especially on these two subjects for students’ bright career. 

Let us focus on some key points:

Declarations scripted in AICTE approval process handbook 2021-2022

  1. AICTE has announced mathematics and physics as volunteer subjects in class 12 only if you plan to study engineering. It means that engineering aspirants can now onwards or may not study physics and mathematics in higher secondary education.
  2. We know that every class contains some reserved and some unreserved category students. And they have different qualifying marks. So AICTE has made it mandatory to score 40% marks by silent category students. While unreserved category students can not pass class 12 if scored below 45% marks.
  3. But AICTE does not want to ignore the subject thoroughly. They have plans to introduce bridge courses in physics, mathematics, and engineering drawing. This sort, of course, will be only for engineering universities.

Now let us hear about the criticisms that rose due to such modification in the class 12th courses.

Many teachers, parents, and even students can not accept this decision of AICTE. They think that if the rule gets implemented, students’ future will be affected because it will become impossible to strengthen the base of students with mathematics and science backgrounds. And the bridge course is just icing on the top. It will look like compensation, not proper education. Mathematics of class 12 has nothing to do with that of UG engineering first semester. Because engineering courses themselves have mathematics up to the fifth semester, the detachment of mathematics and physics can cause problems for science students to catch up with mathematics again in engineering courses like, B.E, etc. 

Let us know the clarification given by the chairman of AICTE

According to the AICTE chairman, these are not optional subjects but just an effort to expand engineering discipline subjects. Chairman also said there are several compulsory course modules for different disciplines.

What do educational experts think about this matter ‘mathematics and physics not compulsory for engineering‘?

The experts are also not able to discover any benefit of such a change. According to experts, a deep knowledge of mathematics is necessary for higher education like artificial intelligence and data science.

These experts have advised AICTE to think about their decision again, i.e., mathematics and physics not compulsory for engineering. After all, it is the question of a student’s future.


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