A Wedding With Mexican Food And A Taco Bar Is DIVINE!

We love a festive wedding and a taco bar wedding is exactly that. Festive, vibrant, fun, loving, welcoming, warm and unforgettable. Weddings are always meaningful. The vows are so important, the ceremony is so meaningful, the people who are there and in attendance make all the difference in the world, and then, there is the party. And the party will ROCK which is what you want. You want great music, great decor, gorgeous flowers, an abundance of refreshments and an abundance of fabulous food. We love the idea of Mexican food carts or food bars. A vegetarian taco bar, a meat taco bar, a fish taco bar, a duck taco bar, and of course, all other divine and decadent and festive Mexican food, fabulous, communal, crunchy and sophisticated too. If you are planning a wedding, work directly with the caterer to get things just right.

Choosing a caterer for your wedding

You might want to have a tasting menu organized, including taco catering, and you might just want to say please book, to the best caterer in the world. If a catering company has been highly recommended to you and if the reviews are excellent, well, do the booking. You can easily fine-tune a menu over months, and if you still want to organize a tasting menu, you can. Get recommendations for a caterer, look at their website, go through their gallery, check out the suggested menus or carts or buffets, or everything, and book. Talk to them first of course to make sure you like them and they like you. And then start preparing all the details for the most important day of your lives to date: your wedding. 

We love a taco bar wedding and we know everybody else will too.

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