Newtop Brings Silicone Rubber Molds for Better Service

There are many silicone manufacturers around the world and specifically in China, but if you are looking for one of the best, I can assure you that Newtop is one of the best. They have over 15 years of experience in the field, making them one of the largest OEM silicone manufacturers in China. They have a commitment to offering and providing small and large companies around the world with the highest-quality silicone products. With them, you’ll not only get exclusive solutions with the best service and quality but also reasonable prices for your silicone projects.

As a silicone product manufacturer, they will offer you all of their services, which actually cover the entire process of getting custom silicone products, which include design, molding, printing, and packaging, amongst others. Thanks to their long and extensive years of expertise in manufacturing silicone products, they will bring the concept of your product to life much faster than any other manufacturer and also offer you a lower cost that brings actual commercial benefits to you. I mean isn’t this a great advantage and benefit? I’m sure not many are going to be able to offer this.


They have a high-level design team that has accumulated decades of experience in various and different fields and will be able to provide you with very efficient CAD digital model construction services.

As well, they’ll offer a reliable engineering FEA analysis. Meaning that through their FEA process, they will be able to conduct an evaluation and assessment of the feasibility of your project, as well as testing prototypes, optimize your plan of mass production and offer free technical consulting services too.


Their in-house precision tools will support having flexible requirements and modifying the prototypes, helping you save on the initial costs of your project as well as shorten the development time. They’ll also offer you a big variety of rapid molding methods, that will provide you with your own silicone rubber mold needs and characteristics, including compression, extrusion, and injection molding.

When it comes to assuring the quality of their products, they have a standardized quality system. They have an ISO 9001:2015 certification and all of their products have passed and achieved the CE, FDA, CPC, and many other certifications. They can guarantee you that the performance and product tolerances that their products offer to meet all the requirements.


All of their services include added value, like assembly, printing, laser marking, packaging, etc. You just have to tell them what you need and they’ll be responsible for helping you to realize them with the best results.

They use the most recent and also the best technologies you can find in the liquid silicone rubber solutions industry. Their machines are constantly getting renewed to be on the top. And they do this because they believe that using the best technology allows them to offer you the best products too.


Thanks to their highest technical capabilities, they can work and offer any piece of liquid silicone rubber or LSR, no matter the size, they can make micro pieces and larger ones too. And it’s highly important that you know that they customize all of their projects from 0 to meet all of their client’s requirements.

Their silicone rubber molds will only offer you the best-added value services and final products and you know that working with them will get you the best products and a stress-free process, as they’ll take on the lead and help you achieve your goals as they have been doing with hundreds of clients and companies around the world for decades now. Don’t hesitate in communicating with them to get the best silicone products for your business.

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