Noise Luna Ring: A Comprehensive Review for Health-Conscious Individuals

If you’re not quite sold on the idea of wearing a conventional smartwatch or fitness band, but you’re still keen on keeping a close eye on your daily activities and sleep quality, Noise, a prominent Indian wearable tech brand, might have just the thing for you. They’ve come up with a brilliant solution – the Noise Luna Ring, which you can have for Rs 14,999. This sleek and stylish smart ring is crafted to sit snugly on your finger, diligently monitoring your vital statistics and promptly relaying the results through its dedicated app. It’s a fresh approach to tracking your well-being!

The Perfect Fit for the Noise Luna Ring

Unlike traditional smartwatches, resizing the Noise Luna Ring isn’t a DIY task. Noise offers a sizing kit to ensure you get the ideal fit, and why the choice of finger matters for your comfort.

Indian Wearable Brands Enter the Smart Ring Arena

The emergence of Indian wearable brands in the smart ring market is a notable development. While this concept may seem new, the roots of the smart ring concept can be traced back to Finnish company Oura Health’s Kickstarter campaign in 2015. Although the Noise Luna Ring shares some similarities, Noise emphasizes that their product is a homegrown creation, developed entirely in India.

Noise Luna Ring’s Impressive Design

The Noise Luna Ring is an embodiment of elegance with its extraordinary slimness, measuring just 2.8 mm in thickness. It’s available in three striking colors: Stardust Silver, Lunar Black, and Midnight Black. Inside, a plethora of sensors meticulously track vital signs, discreetly housed in a flexible PCB protected by a waterproof casing. The design is characterized by its sleek and streamlined aesthetic, setting it apart in the world of smart rings.

Luna Ring: Comfort Meets Longevity in Smart Ring Wear

Smart rings often compromise comfort due to their components, but not the Luna Ring. This ring provides a comfortable and enduring wearing experience, offering the potential for days, weeks, and even months of continuous use without discomfort.

The Noise Luna Ring: A User-Friendly Experience

Unboxing the Luna Ring reveals a thoughtful inclusion of a charging dock and a Type-C cable. Dive into the initial setup, which involves effortless pairing with the dedicated app. Placing the ring on the charger initiates the pairing process, seamlessly detected by the Noise Luna Ring app. Next, provide essential personal details like height, gender, and weight, crucial for parameter score calculations. Witness the harmonious synergy between the ring and app as they work in unison to offer an effortless user experience.

App Permissions and User-Friendly UI: The Noise Luna Ring Experience

While exploring the Luna Ring’s app, I encountered a minor hiccup related to extensive permissions. It sought access to contacts and photos, raising some privacy concerns. However, the user interface was pleasingly intuitive. The home page offers a clear overview of essential metrics like activity, readiness, and sleep scores, all derived from an impressive set of 70 metrics. We’ll dive deeper into these metrics in our forthcoming review, examining the app’s data-rich experience.

Luna Ring’s Activity Tracking

The Luna Ring offers autonomous step and heart rate tracking, with the app utilizing this data to generate an activity score. This comprehensive score provides insights into numerous activity contributors, such as hourly movement, training frequency, volume, and daytime activity. However, it’s worth noting that the ring doesn’t automatically detect activities; users need to input them manually, lacking the prompts offered by devices with screens like the Apple Watch or Fitbit. This is an area where integrating AI and algorithms could enhance user experience by automating activity detection.

Luna Ring’s Remarkable Sleep Tracking

The Luna Ring provides an excellent alternative for those who prefer not to wear a smartwatch or fitness band during sleep. It excels in sleep tracking accuracy by precisely detecting the moments of falling asleep and waking up. The feature offers an in-depth analysis of your sleep patterns, including total duration, REM sleep, deep sleep, light sleep, as well as insights like restfulness, latency, and timing. Sleep efficiency typically ranged from 75% to 94%, drawing attention to latency and restfulness. The app is expected to send notifications based on the collected data to further enhance health and well-being.

The Luna Ring app offers more than just activity and sleep tracking. It provides a unique Readiness Score that assesses your preparedness for the day. This score takes into account your recent activity and sleep patterns spanning a few weeks. An optimal score surpasses 75, while scores between 45 and 74 indicate a good readiness level. Anything below 45 serves as a signal for necessary attention. Over the course of two weeks of testing, my readiness score fluctuated between 60 and 85, offering valuable insights into my daily well-being.

Long-Lasting Battery Life of the Luna Ring

During my testing with the size 10 Luna Ring, I was pleasantly surprised by its battery life. It managed to last for an impressive three full days, even retaining approximately 14% of its charge. The convenience doesn’t stop there; the charging process is swift and straightforward. While the Luna Ring doesn’t come with its own adapter, it easily connects to any USB adapter. It typically takes about 60 minutes to complete a full recharge, ensuring you can get back to tracking your activities and sleep without significant downtime.

Noise Luna Ring price in India

The Noise Luna Ring, priced at just Rs 14,999, is now accessible for purchase exclusively on, starting October 4. With a sleek design, it’s available in seven sizes and offers a selection of five stylish colors. Don’t miss out on this affordable smart ring!

A Remarkable Entry into the Smart Ring Market

Noise’s venture into the smart ring market is nothing short of remarkable. It caters to those who favor minimalist tech accessories while desiring uninterrupted access to their essential health data. With the Luna Ring, Noise demonstrates a successful and impressive foray into this category, proving that their first attempt has hit the mark.

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