The Impact Of Push Notifications On Search Engine Optimisation

Has your SEO provider Australia ever told you about push notifications? They will likely tell you about it soon if they haven’t done so already. Very few of your pages will rank in the top ten search results within the first year of publication. Search Engine Optimisation specialists should work hard to move your pages to the top of the search engine search results.

You should build the right strategy and choose the right channels that will help you boost your SEO. Push notifications can help you in numerous ways.

The basics of push notifications

You should know how push notifications work if you want to get the best from them. We will go through the basics to help you understand.


The simplest way to get push notifications is to use a push notification service provider. There are a lot of integrations for CMS and WordPress plugins to help you make use of push notifications. You can add code generated by the service to your site manually. This is a straightforward process and takes up less than fifteen minutes.

Opting in

Your visitors will see a site permission request after adding push notifications to your site. They can deny or allow sending notification requests in two clicks. This will help you collect subscribers interested in your content.


You can send your subscribers notifications such as product updates and news once you have them in your base. The best practice is to use group subscribers and segmentation features based on their device, behaviour, country and browser.

Browser web notifications will reach desktop and mobile devices within some of the most popular browsers. They will pop up when the browser of the recipient is active.


Your SEO agency should give your subscribers the chance to opt out of notifications at any moment. This can be done through the push notification settings or in the browser settings.

Important Metrics for SEO

A lot of tactics can be used to make your site visible to search engines and improve its SEO. Using keywords in your article is one of these tactics. You should also optimise your site for mobile as Google has moved to mobile-first indexing. You should pay attention to the behaviour of your users after you get your organic traffic. Some of the behavioural metrics you can get in google analytics are time on site, page views, bounce rate, and returning visitors.

These are very important metrics and they signal the credibility of your website to users. They signal search engines how to rank your site.

The impact of push notifications on SEO

Push notifications are helpful and user-friendly. But keep in mind not to abuse this feature because Chrome has a way of protecting users from abusive sites.

Page views

Your SEO provider Australia can use push notifications to increase the number of page views. You will see stats on clicks on your notifications whenever you send notifications. This will be reflected in your Google Analytics. Higher click-through rates will boost your SEO because Google will know that you provide high-quality content to users.

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