Time To Know Why SEO Is A Vital Part Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing including the use of SEO services is the one way to bring attention to your website and to the product you are selling or the service that you are offering. SEO stands for search engine optimisation and it increases your search engine rankings. If you are selling wedding hats and you use SEO when advertising your wedding hats, your wedding hats and your wedding website will pop up before your competitor’s. We use hats as an example only, but this is to explain how SEO works.

Digital advertising

Search engine optimisation or SEO services can be used in a  multitude of ways on the internet, not only in digital advertising but in a way, all of them being a part of digital advertising. You must use SEO in the content of your website and this SEO needs to be carefully buried into your site. You must use SEO in words but also as captions on any graphics that you have. If you have video on your website, SEO should be buried in the video. And when you do social media postings, SEO is a big part of your postings. Of course the SEO must be done in such a way that it is not obvious SEO, which is why you need digital specialists to do it for you.

Costs of digital advertising

Digital advertising, although the above are mostly ‘free’although you will pay for the development of a website or the development of social media pages, is only a cost when digital ads are undertaken. Digital ads are generally short and to the point and are done on Facebook, Instagram and on Google or a similar search engine platform. The platforms for your digital ads will depend on the product you are selling. Wedding hats are likely to be advertised on Instagram and Facebook whereas digital marketing is likely to be advertised on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. Your digital marketer will give you the options and the prices.

Social media postings do not cost anything although the digital marketing person you employ will charge you to run your pages. You may want to run your own pages, but you do need to be consistent and aware of posting relevant information only; information relevant to your product or service. Digital ads are generally done on a Pay Per Click basis and again your digital marketing agency will explain this to you. You can set a budget and given each company or person has a different budget, a digital marketer will work according to yours.

Digital marketing is what brings you new business/es, as well as keeping your old business satisfied and informed. Digital marketing is vital in this day and age of the internet, and that is whether you are selling wedding hats, paper clips, petroleum or sewage systems. Everyone needs a presence on the internet and given that the world is competitive, everyone needs to do some form of digital marketing. Find a digital marketer who includes research and analysis in SEO services for a bigger reach.

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