Common Problems With Sewage Pumping Stations And How To Fix Them

A pump station is very important when it comes to pumping sewage. A sewage system is made up of pipes that transport sewage from a property to the municipal sewer lines. This happens by gravity in normal cases as the waste flows down to the sewer lines. However, when your property is located Pumping Stations on lower ground and the main sewer lines are higher than it, this method will not work with gravity. This is why you will need a pumping station. 

No matter how good your sewage pumping system is, problems may occur. You can reduce the chances of serious issues from happening through regular checks and maintenance. However, it is also a good idea to know some common problems and how to fix them. 

Toilets backing up 

Pumps are made to minimize the blockage risk but there is still potential for blockages to occur. Oils, fats or/and other waxy deposits that are flushed in the toilet can end up solidifying and clogging the pumping chambers. If this problem happens, nothing will get through and this will lead to toilets backing up. You will be able to smell bad sewage odours before the toilets begin to back up. If you smell bad sewage smells, it is best to call a professional to fix the issue immediately. 

Sewage pump not turning on 

Your pump may fail to turn on because of various issues such as debris jamming the pump’s impeller, your pump not getting enough power, and so on. It is therefore important to have a great pump station design to minimize issues with your pump. Understanding the cause of your pump not turning on will be a great way to diagnose the pump and help fix it. 

Pump not turning off 

This will be due to issues with the control float switch. Sometimes, the control switch gets stuck in the wrong place causing the pump to remain on. If there is an unusual spike in your power bills, it could be a sign that your sewage pump is not switching off. 

Alarms sounding 

If your pumping station has an alarm, it should alert you whenever there is a problem. This could include high water levels or a malfunction. It is therefore important to contact a professional if your alarms start sounding. 

Maintenance tips for your pumping station 

Most issues with your pumping station are preventable through regular maintenance and repairs. They can keep things working smoothly while ensuring the reliability of your pumping station, effectiveness and reduced operation costs. All components of your pumping station should be checked during a maintenance schedule. If there are any minor damages to your pumping station or pump, they should be checked during maintenance. 

While some issues can happen with your sewage pump station, this doesn’t mean that pumping stations are bad to use. They are actually beneficial and can provide you with a great solution. It is therefore important to call a professional immediately you notice a malfunction with your pumping station.

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