Shaktimaan movie announcement people’s superhero

From every kid to adult to old one, we know about the famous desi superhero Shaktimaan. Our Shaktimaan means the great actor Mukesh Khanna had played the role of Shaktimaan, who appeared in the TV series and liked most people. So if you are the 90s kids who were in love with the role of Shaktimaan, then you are on the right page.

The good news is that our Desi Hero is soon to be caught on the big screen as Sony Pictures has got the rights for the film adaption for the character.

Yet it is still suspense for the fans and audience who will play the lead role, but soon it will be announced, but the lead role will be played by one of India’s major stars. So it’s quite exciting for the fans to know. We know you guys are eagerly waiting to know who will play the desi superhero Shaktimaan, but the fruit of patience is sweet, so all we can do is wait and know at the right time. So keep the level of your excitement and wait for the precious fruit.

About the Tv Series Shaktimaan

Well, it’s very familiar and one of the famous series that everyone knows. Most of us used to watch this show Shaktimaan and had loved it. So Shaktimaan was a Tv Series that was featured in Doordarshan in 1997. The character was played by the famous actor Mukesh Khanna, and it was a huge success. For eight years, the show was a hit with 450 episodes. So the character that is Shaktimaan had got the special supernatural powers to fight with evil in the world. This show had given great life lessons to the kids of the 90s.

About the Shaktimaan Teaser

The first glimpse of the Shaktimaan teaser is the new and advanced view of the superhero suit. The improved version gives the spark that the movie will hit the floor and win the audience’s hearts again.

Sony Pictures has presented the teaser on Youtube, which opens up with the fantastic visuals of the meteorite in space, revolving here and there. The gateway of India and the Taj Hotel has also appeared in the visuals on the screen. The visuals are followed by an interesting quote – “As the darkness and evil prevail over humanity, it’s time for him to return.”

It is also said that the movie will be conducted with the use of the famous and latest technology in the production. Shaktimaan, aka Mukesh Khanna, had ruled the heart of the 90s kids and adults, and now we are waiting for who will be the lead star to play the role of this DesiHero and win the fans heart.


At last, we know fans are eagerly waiting to see the release date of this super fantastic movie Shaktimaan. We know there are a lot of questions that are in your mind, like who is going to play the lead role. The story, the latest technology will be used in the movie, the release date, and the trailer. So no need to worry; you will get the updates soon. The Shaktimaan teaser is just a light to hint at the movie. So have patience, and let’s wait to know the updates. Keep your excitement level up, and let’s wait for the suspense. We hope this movie will give us the suitable lessons like the old Shaktimaan Tv series gave us.

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