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Movies and web series are considered as the most common form of entertainment which can be used to spend leisure time. Due to this pandemic situation, most of the cinema halls and gathering places were closed. OTT platforms were the only areas that provided movies and tv series to watch. Buying subscription packages of these sites can be expensive for a different section of society. It is precisely where unlawful websites such as Soap2day Online take charge and access numerous movies and web series just like these websites, but free of cost. Soap2day Online provides movies from different genres and languages and web series from other OTT platforms. They have an extensive and broad range of movies from various genres.

What is an unlawful website, and how they work?

Every country has its own sets of rules and legislation that prohibits the pirated version of the original movie. These rules and regulations make the website such as this one unlawful, not only that some countries even impose heavy penalties on the service providers. However, there are no penalties for users. These illegal websites provide the original file’s scrapped version or some low-quality recording of the original movie. It reduces the files’ size, making the streaming and downloading activities even on a prolonged internet connection.

In some countries, these websites are not supported by the servers due to legislation and legislation, so they do not work correctly. To avoid such issues, one must use some VPN service providing applications such as Turbo VPN. These service providers reflect the network from different countries, which enables sites like these one run smoothly.

Steps to follow while working on this website

  • Connect your device with a server of a different country using a VPN service provider. I prefer some Canadian or American sever.
  • Open google chrome or any other search engine
  • Search for Soap2Day online.
  • Once the page is opened, click on the library option.
  • Browse the movie or web series of your choice, and you can also directly use the search bar option to instantly access your desired movie.
  • Enjoy the movie with popcorn and drinks.


Soap2Day is an unlawful website that provides movies from different genres and languages in one place. They provide not only new and latest movies but also old and classic ones. This site is trendy because they release every brand-new flick in a pirated version within the release hours. One thing that attracts most of the audience is that they provide their content with audio conversion and subtitles generated by themselves. This extra effort which they invest in delivering their content makes them even more popular among the users.

Using such unlawful may sound dangerous, but there are no penalties for using such a site; you can also try using incognito mode of your browser for extra insurance. Downloading from such websites are also safe.

The above writing does not promote the usage of any sort of unlawful website.

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