Social Media Monitoring by NetBase Quid

Social media is an important part of any marketing campaign. Not utilizing NetBase Quid social media would be like leaving your house without your shoes on.

Equally important as the presence of a social media campaign is monitoring social media activity to make sure that the brand is strong, has a bold presence, and that the information disseminated is positive. When you combine all media outreach together and spread the same message to all media outlets, you will help gain brand recognition and lead business prospects to you instead of your competitors.

Social Media Monitoring Important for Individuals and Businesses:

While media monitoring is important for businesses, it is also important for individuals. More and more, human resource managers are checking the social media presence of those applying for positions within the company. With social media becoming even more important, HR managers are looking to Facebook, TicToc, and other social media sites to ensure that their new hire will be an asset to their business, and not controversial. They want to make sure that there are no derogatory, racist, and other inappropriate posts that may come back to tarnish the reputation of the organization.

So, as a lesson, choose social media posts carefully, be respectful and positive because you never know who may be reading your personal social media accounts.

Social Media Monitoring for Businesses:

Social media is crucial for companies that are marketing products or services. When paired with other marketing efforts, you will be able to reach people around the world. But organizations should develop a strategy and enlist the help of experts in the social media marketing space to make sure their campaign is reaching their target audience. Many research companies offer data analytics tools that can track the success of their campaigns.

This is an important job and requires proper governance and management of the campaigns. Social media marketing needs to have a strategy in place. It should include all the tactics included in the plan, the direction of the media plan, periodic checking to make sure messages are being effectively communicated and are aligned with the organizations’ objectives.

Each objective should have a time limit, and a way to show measurable positive or negative results. It will also help you track metrics, learn about your audience and what they like, and chart conversion rates.

Many organizations are not just tracking their social media efforts, but also track competitors. This allows organizations to see where they are excelling but also see what their competitors are doing and whether their efforts are fruitful and which messages are most effective and converting into sales.

Social Media Auditing or Monitoring:

Savvy organizations that put a social media marketing plan in place, should be able to collect data and analytics to help them ultimately grow their business. The analytics should show:

  • Is the campaign effective? What is working and what is not.
  • What type of audience you are attracting?
  • Is the social media platform finding valuable contacts/potential customers?
  • How does your organizations’ social media compare to competitors?

Choosing the Right Social Media Monitoring Platform:

There are different types of media monitoring services available, so it may be difficult to choose the right one for your business.

One of the most highly respected companies providing social media monitoring is NetBase Quid. It is considered to offer the best, next-generation consumer and marketing platform that offers a wide range of contextual insights. Business leaders can see trends, connect with consumers, and understand where they fall among their competitors.

Those that want a “leg-up” in their social media outreach efforts and analysis should check out the options and look further into what NetBase Quid can offer your business.

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