Special Guidelines for Goa Tourism

Introduction –Goa is one of the beautiful tourist places and popular for beautiful beaches in India. Millions of tourists from several countries and also come from our country visit Goa every year. Goa is also popular for honeymoon couples due to its beautiful beaches and very romantic place. The economy of Goa mainly depends on tourism. But due to Corona Virus, the Government of Goa banned the entering of any individual or tourist to prevents the spread of Covid-19. There is good news for tourists that Goa Tourism Minister had declared that the reopening of Goa borders for local tourism. This declaration came with many clauses that tourists should maintain before entering Goa and have since been updated.

Goa Tourism Guidelines–There are some of the guidelines by the Government before entering the state are as given below –

  1. Tourists can get their pre-booking for those hotels before visiting Goa that is selected by Goa Tourism Departments.
  2. Those travelers suffering from Covid-19 will either return to their home or quarantine in Goa itself until the hospital declares the result.
  3. When any tourist came to Goa, then they had to produce an Rt-PCR negative certificate. If the certificate was not available, travelers could choose two options as per the Government; firstly, they take the test at the airport with Rs 2000 and stay in institutional quarantine until the result was declared or stayed in-home quarantine for 14 days.
  4. If any tourist can enter Goa’s state via trains and flight, they will stop only in particular stations such as Vasco Da Gama, Thivim, and Madgaon, or they may travel by road to Goa.
  5. Before entering Goa, all the tourists will go through thermal screening at each point of the state to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
  6. The pre-bookings or post bookings are not be allowed in unauthorized hotels in Goa.
  7. Before pre-booking any hotel to stay in, tourists should fill the self-declaration form as per Government Guidelines.
  8. Suppose any travelers decide to quarantine in Goa due to their positive Covid-19 certificate. In that case, they will have to isolate themselves for two weeks in any institutional centers in this state authorized by Government.

When many travelers visit Goa, tourists need not carry negative Covid-19 reports via train and airplane. If any tourist from India, then they will not need testing during arrival and not be asked to stay in quarantine in Goa. Thermal screening and a rapid antigen test are mandatory for all tourists from any other country. Symptomatic tourists will be sent to a COVID Care Centre, whereas Asymptomatic travelers will head to home quarantine in Goa. As per Government guidelines, beaches and casinos are also open for tourists in North Goa.

Conclusions – If you plan to visit Goa, you should know about the Government of Goa’s guidelines. You should also carry a certificate for any authorized hospital’s negative result to prevent Goa’s problem for checking or any other issue.

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