Spendthrift IAS vs. public funds

All about roles and duties of an IAS officer- We all know who IAS is and what is the duty of IAS? So IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service, and they have to handle the administration and the government affairs. They frame the policies, implement them and then review them. They consult the different departments and manage the public funds for the various schemes for public welfare. So IAS has all the authority to manage the government activities and funds. Spendthrifts IAS are those who spend money carelessly.

But the question is whether the IAS utilizes the public funds well or not? Or is just a spendthrift IAS? Who spends the public funds carelessly without giving any concern?

About Spendthrift IAS

If the spendthrift IAS continues to waste public cash on frivolous items, he will eventually run out of money, and all of the monies will be wasted. There will be no public welfare, resulting in a waste of public expenditures. As a result, the IAS must make the greatest and most efficient use of the finances in order to benefit the public and the government.

When and why the person becomes Spendthrift IAS? 

This question has come to many minds, especially about the city or government people Like IAS. We all know that public servants like inspector IAS and others get a lot of benefits and advantages from the government. Besides a handsome salary, they get a pension after retirement, a house, a car, and medical facilities. But, instead of this, they also have the power to make decisions and handle the public funds. Misusing of their rights makes them spendthrift IAS.

Misusing of Power by Spendthrift IAS

So instead of using the public funds and power effectively, they use them for their well-being or use half of the money for public welfare. It leads to misusing the funds, creating the spendthrift IAS. So excess money makes the IAS spendthrift, which is terrible for the public and the IAS. It makes them greedy and takes them away for not politely serving the public. It leads to breaking the law and orders misusing the public funds for their well-being which is incorrect.

Remove the Tag of a Spendthrift IAS

So, at last, the IAS should not be a spendthrift and make sure to use their power in an exemplary manner that will help the nation and the public. Public funds are an asset for our nation, so they should be adequately utilized for the public welfare, not carelessly.

Final word

As a result, the primary responsibility of the IAS is to keep track of expenditures in a good and accurate manner. Because an IAS’s power and responsibilities are not restricted, they should make the most of them, set a goal to implement policies and make them work for the nation and the general public. It will benefit the country and give people a positive feeling about serving and giving their all.

An IAS should not be given a tag of a spendthrift IAS. Instead, they should know where, how, and when to utilize the funds or money in the best possible ways.