4 Key Steps To Get The Best Value When Selling Your Car

Gold Coast is known for its pristine beaches, exciting nightlife and entertainment scene, and favourable career opportunities. It is also more affordable to live in this coastal metropolis in Queensland than in other major cities. Aside from the lower housing costs even in popular areas like Surfers Paradise and Southport, the city also has cheaper public transport, which is why you can consider selling your car if Cars4Us will buy your car on the Gold Coast for a more convenient lifestyle.

Once you decide to sell your car, you need to ensure the most value for your vehicle. Aside from cleaning your car, other preparations are necessary to help you raise the price of your used vehicle. Here are some of the crucial preps you need to go through when selling your car to a trusted Gold Coast car buyer.

#1: Do Your Research

Understanding the common practices of selling a vehicle is crucial to help increase its value. You may go online to learn more about selling your used car.

Redbook is one of the most reliable information sources for car selling in the Gold Coast and other parts of Australia. It provides a real-time market price valuation patterned after the current condition of your vehicle. You also need to check out the price of similar car models and conditions set by other people. It will allow you to determine the right asking price for your vehicle.

#2: Get a Roadworthy Certificate 

You need to secure a roadworthy certificate (RWC) in the Gold Coast or other parts of Queensland if you want to dispose of your car. The certificate is also a requirement for transferring the registration of the vehicle to a new owner. It is also an important requirement when re-registering a previously unregistered car or updating the vehicle registration from another state or territory.

The best way to get your RWC is to bring your vehicle to a mechanic for evaluation. It will allow you to check out any possible issues that might appear, such as low brake pads or oil leaks. This information is crucial before Cars4Us will buy your car on the Gold Coast. If you can present an original RWC to the buyer, you can prove that your vehicle is properly maintained and mechanically stable.

#3: Invest in Car Detailing 

You need to make the best first impression when selling your car on Gold Coast. The best way to attract buyers is to ensure that the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned inside and out. So you need to bring your vehicle to a car detailer to make your car look shiny and spotless.

Car detailing takes care of both the exterior and the interior parts of the car. It can help restore the scratches or dents in the paintwork to make the vehicle look new. Your vehicle will also get buffed, vacuumed, and polished before you can take it home.

#4: Take a Good Picture of the Vehicle 

Once the vehicle comes out of the car detailer, you can start taking a photo of the car to send to the buyer. You must use a high-quality camera to get better images of the car.

Ideally, the maximum picture size must be around 640×480 megapixel resolution. However, it might be impossible to capture high-quality images if you use a phone camera, so look for a digital camera to take better photos.

Selling your car on Gold Coast can be an exciting but nerve-wracking experience. But if you will follow the tips on preparing your vehicle before putting it on the market, you can get your ideal value from a trusted car buyer.

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