Tips to Maintain Your Blinds Better

If you’re thinking top-notch protection from dirt, dust and privy eyes into your space, you’re undoubtedly thinking blinds! Although they are predominantly used to cover windows, they work just as well to protect larger spaces. Besides, you can also use them to adorn your corners or divide up your area smartly. Whether you have vertical blinds or Venetian variants, maintaining them takes equal effort. And if you’re wondering how you could go about cleaning your window blinds efficiently, here are a few essential pointers that can help you get the cleaning task done faster and minimise long-term costs:

Vacuum Your Blinds: Like most products and surfaces, your blinds, too, need the vacuum spell to let them shine longer! A simple routine of vacuum cleaning is known to work wonders when it comes to blind maintenance. Zero struggle and an effortless process through vacuuming are what will help dirt, dust, cobwebs and unnecessary particles steer away from your precious window protections. This is because the vacuum pressure can swiftly suck in those elements that can render your blinds redundant in the long term. So you can start with opening the slats in your direction, vacuum and then have them facing the reverse direction for better results.

Clean with a Microfibre Cloth: It is no rocket science to realise that while regular dusting is excellent for your blind’s health, cleaning with just about anything or any cloth can do more damage than good. Hence it is imperative that you ideally use a microfiber cloth to avoid the risk of scratches. However, you could make do with a soft, clean, dry cloth in the absence of a microfibre one. Another thing to remember while dusting or cleaning your blinds with a cloth is to always clean them in the direction of the blinds. While reverse direction dusting can be great for other surfaces, you could end up loosening the in this case.

Let them Dry Out: A common mistake that must be avoided is installing your blinds after deep cleaning is to hang them back almost immediately. Assuming that once they are up, they can dry out on their own, can cause the durability of your blinds to minimise. If you do not give them the time to dry out and rush to put them up as soon as possible, you’re essentially sending out an invite to moisture that could result in mould growth in the long term. Especially leaving fabric blinds partially dry can also cause them to let out an unpleasant odour, and you certainly don’t want to deal with that!

Opt for Professional Cleaning: Although you may have done a remarkable job maintaining your blinds, the fact is you need an expert to ensure all-round maintenance. Therefore you must opt for a suitable professional cleaning expert to help your blinds from falling prey to future problems which you’re most likely not equipped to detect. For example, some slats in your vertical blinds may need replacement in the future. An expert can spot the signs way before, and you can be prepared in advance and do the needful when the time arises.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, remember to clean your blinds with a dedicated brush attachment irrespective of its material. All of these will ensure that you don’t burn a hole in your wallet in the bid to maintain your blinds better year after year.

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