Top 10 Best IT companies in Delhi NCR

It is not unknown to anyone that Delhi is a place full of adventure. Delhi is famous for its food, culture, and heritage. Many of us visit Delhi to view the beautiful monuments, buildings situated in this capital city. This capital city is also enriched with numerous offices owned by the government. So we can say that Delhi is for every person with various tastes, needs, etc. But do you know that several IT companies are also operating successfully for many years in Delhi NCR? Yes, it is true. IT companies find these capital cities suitable for their expansion. Those searching for the best IT companies are a summary of the top 10 IT companies in Delhi NCR

1. Appslure Websolution

If you are looking for the best IT companies, then our post will benefit you because Appslure Websolution is the best IT company in Delhi NCR; that is why we have put Appslure Websolution in the first place. Appslure Websolution, they do what they say, their priority is customer satisfaction, it is a wise idea to choose it. They remove any obstacles from your business very cleverly, and in less time, you can grow your business and increase your target audience.

2. Infosys

This company is a renowned IT company that started its operation in 1981. Salil Parwkh is currently the head of this company. Its headquarters are in Bangalore. This multinational IT company provides services like outsourcing, consulting, and all other services related to IT.

3. Accel Frontline

This IT company was founded in 1991. Currently, Malcolm F. Mehta is the head of this company. The latest name of this company is Inspirisys solutions limited. This IT company offers services like Cloud Internet of Things, Security of Enterprise, Engineering of Infrastructure and Product.

4. CMC Limited

This company was established in 1975 but got merged with Tata Consultancy Services in 2001. So now this is a part of the TATA group. It provides consultancy services along with IT and software services. Its headquarter is in Delhi itself.

5. Microsoft

Bill Gates and Paul Allen established this IT company in 1975. It is one of the world’s oldest IT companies. Its head office is in Washington, US. For them today, we can use software like Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office. In fortune 500 2018, this company has achieved the 30th position, and in 2016, this IT company was the largest software company in terms of profits.

6. NIIT Technologies

This leading IT company was established in 2004. It started its journey from Noida, but now it is providing services to almost 18 countries. The employee size of this It company is 10000. It provides services in sectors like travel, transportation, Insurance, banking, and finance.

7. Oswald labs

The initial name of this India and Netherland-based company was Oswald Foundation. Currently, its head office is in Delhi. Their target is to bring innovation in web accessibility to enterprises, build startup accelerators and smartphone apps. They are also involved in helping disabled people by providing products useful to them.

8. Cadence Design systems

This MNC started providing engineering services in 1988. This company has its head office in California, US, and It is a hardware, software, and silicon structure producing company. 

These companies are just a glimpse of the best IT companies worldwide, but there are many more. For those who love innovation or modern technologies and want to get success in this industry, these companies can help them a lot. 

9. Adobe Inc

This IT company was founded in 1982. Currently, it is headed by Shantanu 

Narayen. Their products like Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, and PDF are famous worldwide. The headquarters of this multinational company is in California, US. 

10. Oracle

This company was incorporated in 1977, whose current CEOs are Mark Hurd and Safra Catz. Its head office is in California, US. They are the ones who have produced cloud-engineered systems, database software, and enterprise software products. 


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