Top 10 Best Private Hospitals In Delhi

Yes, today, one of the boom industries in the medical industry. Every year a massive number of private hospitals are setting up in different parts of the country. There are some crucial points that we must judge before choosing a private hospital, including infrastructure, doctors, nurses, other staff members. Hygiene and equipment quality of the hospital are essential factors that you must ascertain beforehand. The maximum number of people thinks that private hospitals charge high. But not all. Now, if you are suffering from a health problem, do not wait. Immediately come to the renowned Private hospital of Delhi. The doctors here are very serious about the treatment. These hospitals never charge extra but provide several preventive health care measures.

Top 10 Delhi-based Private hospitals

1- Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

This hospital has its blood bank, which is licensed, and it started in 1974. The specialty is its CT scan machine for whole-body scanning. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is the first hospital in India that have their bone bank. 24*7 ambulance facilities are available. The doctors here are very responsible for Patients.

2- Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals is the first private hospital that introduced Hip Arthroscopy and Pediatric and Adult Liver Transplant possible in India. This hospital is specialized in more than 50 treatments, and they use advanced equipment for cancer treatment. This hospital provides the best ICU services In the country. If Yes, this is for you. Online appointments are available.

3- Max Super Speciality Hospital

Padma Bhushan awardee Dr. K.K. Talwar is a crucial part of this hospital, and this hospital got the first approval of the global green OT. This hospital has an advanced MRI unit.

4- BLK Super Speciality Hospital

BLK Super Speciality Hospital is the only hospital in North India that provides advanced facilities related to Tomotherapy. This hospital has the approval of Joint Commission International and its trend to the first position in Delhi to use an automatic Pneumatic chute system. It is the first hospital in Delhi that started a MUD transplant.

5- Batra Hospital And Medical Research Centre

This hospital is the first hospital in the capital city that started multiple specialized treatments and has an advanced CT scan machine with 64 slices. DR. Sudip Raina is a renowned name in Delhi as a surgical oncologist. He is a doctor in this hospital.

6- Fortis La Femme

They have made the first registration for the rating system of green buildings, and they have approval from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. They are in the second position in terms of the largest hospital group in India.

7- Primus Super Speciality Hospital

Primus Super Speciality Hospital is the first private hospital in India that has done Binaural Cochlear Implant. One hundred fifty beds are there in this hospital. If you want the country’s advanced spine care treatment, this hospital is ideal. Primus Super Speciality Hospital is specialized in arthritis treatment. They have made many successful joint replacements.

8- Moolchand Hospital

You will get multiple specialized treatments here. They are the first ones who started Laparoscopic surgery, Thromboscopic surgery, and Minimal Access Surgery, a specialty in Streptokinase therapy. They are the first ones who introduced this therapy.

9- Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute

This hospital is a renowned—private hospital in New Delhi. The doctors are very caring, and their success is rated high. The testing equipment is advanced. They have treated a huge number of cardiac patients till today.

10- Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital

This hospital ranks in the first position in Delhi regarding the introduction of Third Generation Radiation Technology. Their cancer unit got the first approval of NABH and NABL. They are the first one who has done Haploidentical Bone Marrow Transplantation.

We private hospitals take good care of their patients. These hospitals also provide services value for money. Now you do not have to suffer by choosing the wrong private hospital for treatments. Superior equipment with world-class doctors and medicines is the sign of an excellent Private hospital. These hospitals in Delhi have high success rates.

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