Top 10 General Knowledge Books for Kindergarten Kids

Due to Covid-19, children nowadays spend far too much time playing games and watching videos on their phones and laptops. Even though these activities keep them engaged, they rarely teach anything. Your child must be aware of current events in the world. As we know, with each passing day, the world becomes more competitive, and if you want your child to be successful in their career, you must ensure that they are well educated and knowledgeable.

One of the most effective strategies to help your children learn and expand their knowledge is to provide those general knowledge books that interest them. So here we have prepared a set of basic general knowledge books for kindergarten kids to help them learn. These our top 5 General Knowledge Books are divided into ages 2 to 12.

General Knowledge Genius!

If your child asks you so many questions, you must provide this book as a quiz encyclopedia to boost your child’s brain. In addition, the book can be used as a quiz encyclopedia to prepare your children for a variety of competitive tests in which they will be required to demonstrate their knowledge. This book includes three difficulty levels, allowing you to teach your child how to study systematically and quickly grasp tough subjects.

Student’s Encyclopedia of General Knowledge

If your child has various interests, then the “Student’s Encyclopedia of General Knowledge book” would be an excellent choice for you. It gives your child diverse knowledge on all kinds of subjects in one book. Increase your child’s IQ through this book. It is best for 2-12 age groups.

Your child can get quick access to information about sportspersons, notable personalities and many other general knowledge questions. The best part is that the book has a quiz section that your child can use to check their learning level. This book also includes a part with 100 astounding facts that will astonish your child in no time.

Quiz Book for Clever Kids

Every child considers himself intelligent and clever in terms of his knowledge. So it is the best idea for parents to test their brainpower and give this book as a birthday gift. This general knowledge quiz book will keep smart kids busy for hours. It is interesting that conveniently compact for travel. It’s hard to get bored with these brain teasers, which include ten different types of quizzes like ‘true or false and multiple-choice questions to keep your child on their toes.

This General Knowledge

The book contains ten different quizzes, ensuring that your children are not bored while reading and answering the questions. The book is over 190 pages long and is intended for children under 2-12.

365 Questions and Answers

Is your child curious, and who asks many questions in the early years of learning? Your kid will love this book as it covers some mysterious topics that will amaze the young readers in no time. Through this book, every day, your child learns something new and intriguing about the universe, our planet, flora and fauna, science and technology, the human body, and many more exciting topics.

Nurture General Knowledge Books for Kids in English

If your kid loves fantasy and graphics; this will keep your kids interested in the subject and increase their interest with the help of beautiful graphics illustrations. The most important thing about this book is that it is not only dear to the kids, but parents also love it.

Nature’s Good Habits is a visual journey through a child’s day-to-day life. The book covers the daily movements of getting up in the morning, having breakfast, going to school, and the dos and don’ts of social interaction and many more social etiquette. So dear parents, don’t worry, you don’t have to teach your child social form, they will learn quickly with this book.


These are our top 5 General Knowledge Books for Kindergarten Kids. On this birthday gift your child a book of their choice and try to keep your child away from mobiles, Tv, and laptops.

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